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This is information regarding LizardMail, the mailserver component of the LizardWiki server, which users with shell accounts on the server have access to.

This guide is separated into sections, depending on how you want to access the server.


  • Your email address is your account name at lizardwiki dot dyndns dot org. For example, if you login using SSH as 'root', your address would be root at lizardwiki dot dyndns dot org (replace 'at' with @ and 'dot' with .).
  • Abuse of LizardMail is sufficient grounds for immediate account termination.

From the Terminal (easy)

  • Note that, if you are restricted to using LizardShell as your login shell (instead of, say, bash), you are severely limited in what you can do, so you might want to take the time and effort to use a mail client (i.e., the hard way).

Checking mail

The easiest way to access the server is from the terminal. Log in to the server using SSH like you normally would. After the MOTD prints, you will see either "No mail." or "You have new mail." (or similar). The latter, of course, means that you have new mail. If you have new mail, simply run the mail</command> to check your new emails. Use the ? command in the mail viewer for some basic assistance. To check saved mails, use the command mail -f mail/Saved (you cannot do this if you use LizardShell). New messages that are not automatically deleted are saved when you quit the mail program.

Sending mail

To initiate the process, log in to the server using SSH like you normally would.

Under construction!