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== Template Documentaion ==
== Template Documentaion ==
{{Semi protected|reason=Precautionary measure against breaking the template}}
Used for the bugtracker.<br />
Used for the bugtracker.<br />
Works like this:<br />
Works like this:<br />

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Template Documentaion

Used for the bugtracker.
Works like this:
{{bugs|status=<bug status>|title=<name of bug>|type=<bug type>|assignee=<who the bug is assigned to>}}

  • <bug status> is the status, either NEW (newly reported bugs), WONTFIX (bugs that will not be fixed), CANTFIX (bugs that we can't fix), FIXED (fixed bugs), ASSIGNED (assigned and being worked on) or ATTENTION (needs FastLizard4's attention).
  • <name of bug> self explanatory
  • <bug type> either bug (for a bug report) or request (for a feature request)
  • <who the bug is assigned to> self explanatory