Shell Server Acceptable Use Policy

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\ \ ,__\/'__`\   /',__\\ \ \/ \ \ \ \/\ \/\_ ,`\  /'__`\  /\`'__\/'_` \ \ \\ \_
 \ \ \_/\ \L\.\_/\__, `\\ \ \_ \_\ \_\ \ \/_/  /_/\ \L\.\_\ \ \//\ \L\ \ \__ ,__\
  \ \_\\ \__/.\_\/\____/ \ \__\/\____\\ \_\/\____\ \__/.\_\\ \_\\ \___,_\/_/\_\_/
   \/_/ \/__/\/_/\/___/   \/__/\/____/ \/_/\/____/\/__/\/_/ \/_/ \/__,_ /  \/_/
                                                    / __`\/\`'__\/'_ `\
                                                 __/\ \L\ \ \ \//\ \L\ \
                                                /\_\ \____/\ \_\\ \____ \
                                                \/_/\/___/  \/_/ \/___L\ \


Section 1 - Regarding Common Sense

Common sense is important. Common sense is what says "maybe launching a distributed denial-of-service attack against the United States Government is a bad idea and I shouldn't use a server to do it". Or, more subtly, "maybe hosting viruses from FastLizard4's server wouldn't be appreciated". Please, please, please - almost any question you have about this AUP can be answered with common sense. Don't do anything stupid or illegal, and you will almost certainly be fine. However, there are things that need to be spelled out, so read on....

Section 2 - Scope

This Acceptable Use Policy governs your use of resources that involve shell access to the server network. This includes SSH access itself, access to MySQL databases, personal web space or, if provided, web hosting (personal web space is served as and is provided by default; web hosting requires extra configuration by the system administrators and requires the user to provide their own domain name). Summed up, if you have to SSH into a server to use it, then it is governed by this AUP.

Section 3 - Service is At Will

Whether or not you are paying for access to resources, you have the right to terminate your service at any time. If you are paying for service, then you will be refunded a pro-rated amount based on how much service you have used for the given billing period. E.g., if you pay for service monthly and you have already paid for a month but cancel your service 12 days in to the month, you will receive a refund for the 19 or however many days in the month you didn't use. Likewise, however, FastLizard4 has the right to terminate your service completely at any time for any reason. If your service was terminated for reasons of abuse and you have been warned in the matter, you may not receive a pro-rated refund for service used. Server owners in addition have the right to remove you from their own servers at will. Server administrators may recommend that service be terminated for those abusing the services. Server owners and administrators have the right to ban users from the server(s) they administer, a ban being a temporary denial of a user to access their resources on a server. In cases of a ban, your password and keys will be invalidated so you are unable to log in by SSH, your home directory moved so that it may not serve anything (e.g., user webspace), and all processes running under your username killed. In case of service termination, your user account will be deleted and your home directory, MySQL databases, and all other user data deleted. A backup of your home directory, MySQL databases, and other user data will be provided unless it is deemed that your account served no useful purpose - i.e., it was intended for abuse only - in which case no backup will be provided.