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Note: Some experience in the PHP programming language - which this bot is written in - is recommended for using this bot. The documentation on this site assumes that you are familiar with at least the basics of PHP (such as declaring variables, how to quote strings, etc.). That said, this is only a recommendation - if you don't know PHP at all, you are welcome to try out LizardBot, and do ask for help on our IRC channel or elsewhere if you need it.

Please report bugs to BugZilla

Critical - Critical security upgrades that may expose vulnerabilities in the bot's code. Failure to update may allow bot to be exploited
High Importance - Relatively important security or usability upgrades, update strongly recommended
Medium Importance - Moderately important security upgrades, update recommended
Low Importance - Minor security or usability upgrades, update at leisure
New Features - Addition of new features, update to take advantage of them
Trivial Updates - Addition/Modification of code in such a way that does not affect the operation of the bot. Usually doesn't cause in increment of the version number, just in SVN revision number.

Notes on updating the bot

When updating the bot, you only need to get the latest version of the source code, unless an update is marked with a *. If an update is marked with a *, you must also get the latest version of the configuration file. Remember to transfer your custom settings over to the new configuration file!

Planned for future versions

Skip to changes in the newest version

  • (N) Option for a bot logfile
  • (N) Option for the bot to log messages sent to a channel
  • (N) [[Wikilink]] expansion (BETA) (r35)

  • (N) The bot now replies to CTCP-FINGER using the CTCP-VERSION response. (BETA) (r33)

NOTE: Changes in this revision require an update of the configuration file.
  • (N) Bot is now capable of autoconnecting. See Bot Setup for details.* (BETA) (r32)

NOTE: Changes in this revision require an update of the configuration file.
  • (T) Code cleanup.
  • (L) Bot now replies to CTCP TIME requests (correctly).*
  • (N) The bot now has a status command. See General Documentation for details.*
  • (H) Bot now will check for updates from the wiki. Old update location now refers to this version at all times. Thus, versions older than will always report as the latest version, even if it isn't. (BETA) (r31)

  • (L) The bot will now refuse to insult itself. (BETA) (r30)

NOTE: Changes in this revision require an update of the configuration file.
  • (L) Fixed bug in connection delays.
  • (L) Fixed potential bug in gcalc and editcount commands.
  • (N) Added insult generator. See docs for details.* (BETA) (r29)

  • (M) Reverted change made in (r28); new error condition doesn't work (BETA) (r28)

  • (M) Adds another error condition to the editcount function Reverted in (r29) (BETA) (r27)

  • (C) Fixes problem where bot could be forced to crash with the editcount function. (BETA) (r26)

  • (N) Ability to check editcounts on Wikimedia wikis (BETA) (r24)

  • (N) Windows support (see here for details
  • (N) Support for PCREs in access control
  • (T) @help is now an alias for @info (BETA)


  • (T) corrected the spelling of a few variable names to reflect the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


  • (N) You can now specify a configuration file to use at the command line. (BETA) (r18)

  • (M) Fix formatting bugs where HTML tags and HTML entities were sent with the Google Calc returned data. (BETA) (r16)

  • (N) LizardBot can now perform calculations using Google Calculator (BETA)


  • (T) Modified code slightly so syntax highlighting in various editors isn't affected by the heredoc syntax.


  • (M) Added some sleeps to try and fix problems with sending registration and identification before the socket/connection/network was ready for it. (BETA) (r4)

  • (H) Fix new bug (affecting only, apparently) with an extraneous dollar sign in the AI extension (BETA) (no revision number - v5.4.0.4b and previous not maintained in SVN)

  • (L) Fix a problem with unnecessary spaces in the bot's /me's, again (BETA)

  • (M) Fix unclosed preg in AI. (BETA)

  • (M) Fix bug with the WoT rating reporter which never updated the target user
  • (H) Fixed bug where : in any commands would not properly parse. Mainly affects @eval and @exec. Replace : with $$ in all commands.
  • (M) Fix bug where disabling bolds would cause coloration errors with the WoT command. (BETA)

  • (L) Print the link to the WoT rating with the results.
  • (M) Fix no colors bug with WoT ratings. (BETA)

  • (N) Bot now uses reputation ratings from WoT - see the @wot command in the docs for details. (BETA)

  • (N) When starting the bot, stdout is colorized so you can easily tell prompts from informational messages. Colorization also applied to the kill messages sent to the terminal for easy identification. (BETA)

  • (H) Fixes @deop bug where the bot wouldn't deop itself (used the wrong nick).
  • (N) Adds the @update command to check for updates and checks for updates on startup. (BETA)

  • (H) Fixes wrong target nick bug with the @exec and @eval commands (BETA)

  • (N) Allows custom setting for the command trigger in the config file.
  • (M) Trim response when PMing the @say and @do commands. (BETA)

NOTE: Changes in this revision require an update of the configuration file.
  • (N) Add signal handlers for SIGTERM (15) and SIGINT (^C) - kill the bot, but indicate in the quit message that the bot was killed by signal.
  • (N) Add the @exec command to run commands on the shell.*
  • (N) Add the @eval command to directly run PHP commands.* (BETA)

  • (M) Fix the Pandorabot AI so no response from the API causes the bot to return the default resonse (pandorabot::$default_responce, and yes, I know its mispelled) - note that this fix may still be flakey. Report problems with this fix to BugZilla. (BETA)

NOTE: Changes in this revision require an update of the configuration file.
  • (N) Addition of PCntl (Process Control) functions so bot rehashes its config file on SIGHUP
  • (C) Fixed password exposure vulnerability
  • (N) Ability to specify a port for connection
  • (L) Ability to set default Pandorabot AI response (should none be returned by the API) from the config file* (BETA)

NOTE: Changes in this revision require an update of the configuration file.
  • (C) Added flood protection to Pandorabot AI
  • (M) Added access control for Pandorabot AI*
  • (L) Used the "long" PHP start tag (<?php) instead of ths "short" tag (<?) to ensure compatability (BETA) and Earlier

No changelog was maintained before version