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== Becoming a Developer ==
== Becoming a Developer ==
Ask on the [[Talk:LizardBot/Team|talk page]].
Ask on the [[Talk:LizardBot/Team|talk page]].

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Note: Some experience in the PHP programming language - which this bot is written in - is recommended for using this bot. The documentation on this site assumes that you are familiar with at least the basics of PHP (such as declaring variables, how to quote strings, etc.). That said, this is only a recommendation - if you don't know PHP at all, you are welcome to try out LizardBot, and do ask for help on our IRC channel or elsewhere if you need it.

Project Lead: FastLizard4

  • Commits as: FastLizard4
  • Homepage: Wikipedia UserpageWebsite
  • IRC Cloaks: Freenode: wikipedia/FastLizard4 • ClueNet: FastLizard4.users.en.wikipedia.org

Project Member: davenull

  • Homepage: Website
  • Commits as: davethemonster
  • IRC Cloak: ClueNet: admin.scalar.cluenet.org

Becoming a Developer

Ask on the talk page.