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LizardIRC is an IRC network originally founded by FastLizard4, the name "LizardIRC" of course based on his online pseudonym. Now it has grown to a stable, full-serviced, friendly network of everything, from gaming to politics, heated debate to idle conversation, and programming to (gentle) operating system wars. Overseen by friendly staff, we aim to provide an excellent IRC experience with minimal hassle. LizardIRC Network Staff, sometimes colloquially referred to as "opers", are friendly and are people just like you. We won't bite, and we're more than happy to talk to you! Give LizardIRC a try, and we're sure you'll love the network so much you'll make it your home. Welcome!


These are the LizardIRC network rules. All users are expected to abide by them. It's simple stuff.

  1. Use common sense.
  2. Don't be an asshole.
  3. Don't abuse the network. No spam, flooding, spreading of malicious software, etc.
  4. No racism, sexism, discrimination based on religion, sexual orientation, favorite text editor, or the like.
  5. Use common sense and don't be an asshole.
  6. See 1, 2, and 5. We really mean it.
  7. No FSERVEs, warez, software piracy, illegal music distribution, and so forth.
  8. All users are expected to abide by the laws of the United States of America as well as their own local laws. When a conflict exists, United States laws take precedence.
  9. All rules are subject to interpretation by the network staff.



Your use of LizardIRC constitutes acknowledgement of these rules and your agreement to them. Violation of these rules may result in your access to LizardIRC being terminated.


A vHost, or cloak, is a piece of text that is shown in your /whois information to other users instead of your IP address, effectively hiding your IP.

You can - after registering your nickname - get a "standard" cloak by doing /msg HostServ TAKE lizardirc/user/$account

(For help registering your nickname, do /msg NickServ HELP REGISTER)

You can also request a custom vHost. Here are the guidelines on vHosts you can request:

  1. Standard vHosts are of the freenode-style, for example, project/username, project/position/username, project/otherproject.position.username, etc. "project" can be any website you affiliate with, for example Wikipedia, reddit, GitHub, even your own!
  2. Hostnames (e.g.,,, etc.) may be requested as vHosts as long as:
    1. You own or control the hostname/domain in question, and
    2. There is some extenuating circumstance that prevents you from simply connecting to LizardIRC from an IP address with a reverse DNS pointer to the hostname you want set as your vHost.
    • Network staff will contact you to verify your request in this case.
  3. vHosts that are IP addresses are not allowed.
  4. vHosts in other formats, styles, or representations are not allowed.

For help requesting a vHost, do /msg HostServ HELP REQUEST. You will be notified with the results of your request by a MemoServ memo when you IDENTIFY to NickServ.

Web/cloud IRC clients

The following web/cloud IRC clients are compatible with and recommended for use with LizardIRC:

But please feel free to use one not listed above!


No, we will not link to your IRC network. However, if you are interested in linking to LizardIRC, we will gladly assist in setting up your server and the linking process. The first step is to contact FastLizard4 either on LizardIRC or on his talk page (note: for this, you'll need to log in or request an account on LizardWiki).


Part of the mission of this network is to make network staff less of something to be feared, but more of simply trusted users that have more capabilities than most. To this end, new network staff are selected randomly by recommendation (from current network staff) to FastLizard4 (or by FastLizard4 himself).


While we don't support usermode +x, you can get a basic cloak by registering with NickServ, then running the command /quote hs TAKE lizardirc/user/$account. If you are a registered LizardWiki user, you can request a LizardWiki cloak on FastLizard4's talk page. If you want a different cloak, see the documentation for HostServ by doing /quote hs HELP and an oper will review your request.

Spam Prevention


LizardIRC makes use of the DNSBL (domain name system blacklist) module in InspIRCd. When you connect to LizardIRC, your hostname and/or IP address are checked against the blacklist provided by, which maintains an RBLDNS (real-time blacklist for DNS) database of spammers, known botnets, etc. If you are listed in the dronebl DNSBL, you will be automatically Z:lined (i.e., globally banned) from connecting to the server for a period of time. If you are banned because you are listed on the DNSBL, you have two courses of action:

  1. Use the link that is automatically provided when you were Z:lined to request removal from the blacklist, and/or:
  2. Email the LizardIRC admins at (click here to expose email address), who can set a E:line (i.e., ban exemption) for you.

If you were banned by the DNSBL system because you use Tor or run a Tor exit node, please connect to LizardIRC using our Tor hidden service. See here for more info.

Open Proxy Scanner

LizardIRC makes use of the BOPM open proxy scanner and all connecting users are scanned for open proxies. If you are found to be running one, you will automatically be banned from connecting. The scans originate from and are not an attack on your computer, though they may appear to be so to an improperly configured antivirus scanner or in your logs. Your usage of LizardIRC constitutes your acknowledgement of this policy and your consent to be scanned and banned if you are running open proxies. If you do not wish to be scanned for open proxies, your usage of LizardIRC is unauthorized and you may not connect to the network. If there is some extenuating reason why you must use an open proxy, please send an email to the LizardIRC admins at (click here to expose email address).

Spam Filter

LizardIRC supports the use of spamfilters in the form of Perl-compatible regexes. Depending on the type of spam being blocked by the regex, the action taken by the spamfilter may be to merely prevent the message from being sent, killing the offending client, or G:lining the offending client. The spam filter may apply to any combination of messages or notices to users or channels, part messages, and/or quit messages.

If you are hit by a spamfilter and your message is blocked or you are killed, you can request help from an oper in #lizardirc. If you trip a spamfilter and are G:lined, you must wait some time for the G:line to expire (which varies from filter to filter), or send an email to the LizardIRC admins at (click here to expose email address).

Primary Channels

  • #lizardirc - The lobby for the network, if you will. The network's main channel. IRC relays for LizardNet Minecraft servers s2 and s2.5.
  • #help - Network help and support channel. Have a question about LizardIRC? Need help creating a channel? Problem user you think should be banned from the network? Ask in here! (Network staff are present in this channel, and have operator status within.)
  • #Metroid - The official unofficial Metroid chatroom! Please remember to read the #Metroid channel rules and info before joining.
  • #devops - LizardNet Development and Operations. Official LizardNet support channel and home of the Gerrit Code Review and LizardNet Continuous Integration bots.
  • #devops-icingaspam - Home of the LizardNet Systems Status bot.
  • #opers - The opers channel (joining is restricted to opers). All server notices and services logs are echoed here. Joining this channel upon successful /oper is automatic.
  • #operchat - Oper-only channel, but for chatting. Sans SNOMASK and services logs, so quieter than #opers. Joining this channel is also automatically joined when one /opers up.

Server list

Note: It is recommended that you connect to the IRC network through rather than explicitly specifying a server to connect to. This allows for load balancing. If you'd like to force an IPv4 connection, connect to, and likewise for IPv6, All servers support SSL on port 6697, at least.

User Accessible

These are the servers users can connect to:


Users cannot access these servers, either by configuration or because they aren't really servers (pseudo-servers).