LizardIRC-JDNet network merge

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LizardIRC-JDNet merge proposal document.pdf

A merge between the LizardIRC IRC network and the JDNet IRC network has been proposed.

This page will be expanded with more details and discussion later, but for now, please refer to the initial proposal document seen to the right.

The first meeting between the staff of both networks was logged and can be found here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to join the channel #networkmerge on LizardIRC (irc://

Things remaining to be discussed

(Discussions themselves will be carried out on the talk page)

  • LizardIRC post-merge oper class for Revi and TCN7JM.
  • Whether or not to use the contrib/ircd_announceserv services module on LizardIRC
  • Whether to peremanently remove the chanserv/why services module from LizardIRC for privacy reasons (it has already been removed as precaution)

Things to do

  • Create script to merge JDNet's Atheme database into LizardIRC's
  • Assess community opinion on this merge

Merge Procedure

  • Get new SSL certificates for all servers
  • DNS records updated for all servers ( and kept as legacy, but deprecated)