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Channel Rules


  1. No major or prolonged use of profanity. Minor profanity words may be used in terms of frustration, instead of a personal offense. If used in a personal offense, the offender will be kicked regardless of a warning and probably banned, considering the damage of the offense.
  2. No spamming or flooding of the channel - Spam is annoying. Something will be considered spam if it is repeated several times. Flooding is the act of typing stuff in repetitively and "flooding out" other users. Both actions will trigger an immediate silence or ban, depending on the severity and/or number of offenses.
  3. No abusive actions - Abusive actions will not be tolerated on the channel.

And now, to lighten up the spirit of the page, the good side of the channel

Channel Information

Access levels

Access levels are given out by FastLizard4 (only he can give them out) arbitrarily to wiki users :P

Autokick Users

Users listed below will automatically be kicked from the channel when they log on. It is the AUTOKICK command listed above. Currently, you must be an access op with a special access level of at least 15 to make changes to the autokick list.

  • There are currently no users on the AUTOREM list

Important note regarding nickname registration

Note: It is recommended that you register your nickname (required for admins and ops) with NickServ so an op can assign privileges to you and for you to use the privileges. If you don't have or expect these privileges, it is good to register so no one steals your nickname. For more information, type /msg NickServ HELP REGISTER into your IRC client.

Approved Bots (sorted by category)

Warning: All bots not authorized by the channel contact (FastLizard4) are strictly prohibited and will result in the autoremming of the bot and/or the owner!

Useful bots

  1. unilinky!n=unilinky@wikipedia/harddisk/bot/unilinky Operator: HardDisk_WP (wikipedia/harddisk)

For-fun bots

  1. *!i=pinky@wikia/Pinky49 Operator: Pinky49 (wikia/Pinky49)

Whitelisted bot operators

(those on this list can bring in any bot at any time)

  1. *!?=FastLiza@wikipedia/FastLizard4 (FastLizard4)
  2. *!?=wimt@wikipedia/pdpc.student.wimt (wimt)
  3. All wiki administrators

Note that just because you are on the channel access list doesn't mean you are a whitelisted bot operator!

LizardWiki RC Feed

This IRC channel contains a copy of OverlordQ's IRC RC Bot, which uses the nick LizardWiki-RC or LizardBot-1. It reports all edits made to the wiki in real time. It is operated by User:FastLizard4, and is not associated with User:LizardBot 1 on this wiki. It runs from GewtNet, the same server hosting this wiki.

IRC Channel quotes

If you find an interesting quote from the IRC channel, place it below, just remove the datestamps, and use a * before the line and italicize the line to indicate the /me command and separate separate quotes using ---- (four dashes). If you would like to give a description of the quote, do so at the beginning in bold.

No quotes yet... you may want to check out FastLizard4's QuoteDB!