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<a href="/wiki/File:Under_construction_icon-blue.svg" class="image"><img alt="Under construction icon-blue.svg" src="/w/images/thumb/d/d5/Under_construction_icon-blue.svg/100px-Under_construction_icon-blue.svg.png" width="100" height="83" srcset="/w/images/thumb/d/d5/Under_construction_icon-blue.svg/150px-Under_construction_icon-blue.svg.png 1.5x, /w/images/thumb/d/d5/Under_construction_icon-blue.svg/200px-Under_construction_icon-blue.svg.png 2x" /></a>

DOWNTIME NOTIFICTION - Reboot of, and all related services running from this server, including <a href="/wiki/LizardBot" title="LizardBot">LizardBot</a>'s check-for-updates mechanism, LizardWiki, STG Wiki, Wikitroid, the <a href="/wiki/Minecraft_servers">Minecraft servers</a>, TeamSpeak 3, and Rav3nZNC, is currently scheduled to be rebooted no earlier than 07:00 Friday, October 25, 2013 (UTC). The downtime should only take a few minutes; the server will simply be rebooted to hopefully clear up some memory issues. For continual updates about the downtime, before and during it, please <a class="external text" href="">follow LizardWiki on Twitter</a>.

<a class="external text" href="">Downtime start in various timezones</a>

<a href="#" title="Close" onclick="hideBanner();return false;">Click here to dismiss this message for one week.</a> This message will automatically disappear once the downtime is complete.