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== Operators ==
== Operators ==
*The_FastLizard4 (UUID: <tt>1f596170-2563-4e32-91fd-df3e55ea7d3c</tt>)
*FastLizard4 (UUID: <tt>1f596170-2563-4e32-91fd-df3e55ea7d3c</tt>)
*TLUL (UUID: <tt>c2fd4f2d-8723-4ea4-bb6b-f2234ef84b08</tt>)
*TLUL (UUID: <tt>c2fd4f2d-8723-4ea4-bb6b-f2234ef84b08</tt>)

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  • Don't mess with creations you don't have permission to mess with.
  • Build away from spawn
  • Since this is a creative server with the aim of designing complex redstone circuitry, be very careful with things you mess with!


  • FastLizard4 (UUID: 1f596170-2563-4e32-91fd-df3e55ea7d3c)
  • TLUL (UUID: c2fd4f2d-8723-4ea4-bb6b-f2234ef84b08)