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This is LizardNet Minecraft's second minigame server, hosting Battleship created by billybob884.


  • As always, please be civil and courteous to others. Maintain etiquette, and be a good sport.
  • No use of cheats, and no cheating in the game itself (e.g., no walking or flying around to look at the opponent's ship layout)

m2 shares the server whitelist, operator list, and banlists used by s2. Operators should not use the /op, /deop, /whitelist, /ban, /ban-ip, /pardon, or /pardon-ip commands on m2, as this will cause inconsistencies between m2 and s2. These commands should only be used on s2, and m2 restarted as necessary to sync changes that aren't automatically synced (using the /whitelist reload command is also acceptable to synchronize the m2 white-list with s2).

Please do not tamper with the map in any way. Mods are not used on this server; everything is powered by command blocks. The minigame seems to work best when all players are in Creative mode, so we trust you not to mess with things you shouldn't be. If the map becomes broken somehow, enter the Control Console (accessible from the minigame lobby) and bonk on the "Reset Map" button, which should rebuild the minigame in a minute or so. In case of serious breakage this doesn't fix, please ask an Operator to reset the world for you.

If you are banned from the server, you may appeal the ban and request unbanning using the s2 unban request form, unless the ban reason is preceeded by "NO APPEAL". You will need to try connecting to s2 to view the reason why you were banned.

Minigame Information

The minigame is based off of the board game Battleship, and has similar mechanics.

How To Play

Yes, this will be rewritten to make it more clear. It's a "first draft", if you will.
  • Before starting a game, players should decide on the rules of the game. The two most common rulesets used for Battleship are:
    • Single-fire
      Each player takes one shot per turn.
      Each player takes one shot per unsunk ship on their field (e.g., a player with four ships remaining would take four shots) per turn.
    • Some players may also wish to play a game with more or less ships than normal. This again should be agreed on before the game begins.
  • Before starting a game, players should also perform a board reset to ensure that the map is ready. This is done by entering the control console room (behind the door in the minigame lobby) and pressing the "Reset Map" button on the right. The process takes a minute or so.
  • Battleship is a two-player game; however, the server allows up to seven players to join, either as observers or for team play.
  • At this point, though, one player from each team should teleport to their respective game areas and place their ships. All other players should remain in the main lobby, outside of the game area.
    • Ship placement is done by placing ship spawn eggs on the Lapis Lazuli blocks in the ship placement grid (which is on the surface and is mostly filled with water).
    • Right clicking with the ship spawn egg on the above-water-surface Lapis blocks will place the back end of the corresponding ship on the selected grid square, with the ship continuing forward in the direction you were facing.
    • If you don't have any spawn eggs, simply click the appropriate button under the "TOKENS" banner. If you make a mistake in ship placement, you can reset your board with the appropriate button under the "TOKENS" banner.
  • Once each team has placed their ships, more players can join teams.
  • Each team should now take turns firing at the other team, after deciding who gets to go first. It's up to the players to enforce that turns are taken properly; the minigame itself does not keep track of whose turn it is!
    • Red and white pegs will be placed on the vertical game board to represent your own shots; red represents hits, and white represents misses.
    • When the other team fires at you, TNT will be dropped onto your horizontal "fleet" board. Misses and hits should be obvious!
  • The game ends when all a team's ships have been sunk. The game doesn't keep track of this, so it's up to players to be good sports and accurately report when all their ships have been sunk.
    • Note that some players choose to announce when ships are sunk, possibly including what kind of ship was sunk, and sometimes they don't; this is another thing that should be agreed upon before a game begins, as it is not done by the minigame itself.
  • When a game is complete, please reset the board in preparation for the next game by entering the control console room and again clicking the "Reset Map" button.


Server operators have red nametags in chat. Note that the operator list for m2 is shared from s2; all operators on s2 are automatically operators on m2.

  • FastLizard4 (UUID: 1f596170-2563-4e32-91fd-df3e55ea7d3c)
  • kungfupolice (UUID: 43332373-8187-4bef-b864-289978f167c0)
  • TLUL (UUID: c2fd4f2d-8723-4ea4-bb6b-f2234ef84b08)


This server, m2, runs on a dedicated VPS, and is thus donor-supported.

People who have donated to LizardNet Minecraft have green nametags in chat (unless they are also an operator on the server, in which case their operator status takes precedence and they will still have a red nametag). For more information on donations, including how to donate and how long you'll get your green nametag for, please visit Minecraft servers/Donations.

Thank you donors for your support!

Minecraft username Donation Type Has so far donated (in USD, after all fees) Has so far paid for this many server hours
TLUL Recurring: Monthly Redstone $276.29 7957.99 hours
FlightTime1969 Non-recurring $62.21 1791.66 hours
TheMesquito Non-recurring $19.12 550.66 hours
L235 Non-recurring $4.55 131.04 hours
mellowcraze Non-recurring $23.97 690.34 hours
TLUL is a server operator on s2, but was long before he began donating