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|mods        = yes
|mods        = yes
|maplink      = http://fastlizard4.org/minecraft/s1/map
|maplink      = http://fastlizard4.org/minecraft/s1/map
|teamspeak    = ridley.fastlizard4.org channel ''Minecraft Servers'' > ''s1''

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MC-s1 Screenshot 1.png


Note: This list is not yet complete.

  • Please do not enter other players' mines and houses without their permission. Torches (below ground), fences (above ground), doors, and signs should be used to "mark territory".
  • No griefing, trolling, spamming, etc. Use common sense.

Other Information

  • Deaths are tabulated as a scoreboard objective; that is, the number of times a player has died will show as a yellow number in the player list (when holding <Tab> on your keyboard) as well as under player nametags if you're close enough.


  • The_FastLizard4
  • Mindlessrampager