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== Operators ==
== Operators ==
Server operators have red nametags in chat.
Server operators have red nametags in chat.
*The_FastLizard4 (UUID: <tt>1f596170-2563-4e32-91fd-df3e55ea7d3c</tt>)
*FastLizard4 (UUID: <tt>1f596170-2563-4e32-91fd-df3e55ea7d3c</tt>)
*kungfupolice (UUID: <tt>43332373-8187-4bef-b864-289978f167c0</tt>)
*kungfupolice (UUID: <tt>43332373-8187-4bef-b864-289978f167c0</tt>)
*TLUL (UUID: <tt>c2fd4f2d-8723-4ea4-bb6b-f2234ef84b08</tt>)
*TLUL (UUID: <tt>c2fd4f2d-8723-4ea4-bb6b-f2234ef84b08</tt>)

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This server has the same rules as s2, with the exceptions noted below:

  • Feel free to raid villages to your heart's content, vandalize the landscape, etc. You still may not grief or access without authorization other players' claims or property, or player-built structures, player-modified landscapes, etc. You may grief other players' property, but only if the owner has authorized it! Remember that this server is ephemeral, so you may wish to consider allowing griefing of your property for purposes of testing the server (no, really!).
    • Still no Withers near the CPV (Central Player Village) or other player-built stuff....

Other Information

This server has the same additional notes as s2, with the differences noted below:

  • The server's CID is in reference that it is intended to test updated but potentially unstable versions of CraftBukkit, hence the ".5", added to s2 since s2 is the server that provides the data for this one, so s2.5.
  • The IRC relay bot for s2.5 is MC-S2-5-ChatRelay (since . is not allowed in IRC nicknames), and otherwise functions identically to s2's IRC relay bot. The bot is not present when the server is down.


Server operators have red nametags in chat.

  • FastLizard4 (UUID: 1f596170-2563-4e32-91fd-df3e55ea7d3c)
  • kungfupolice (UUID: 43332373-8187-4bef-b864-289978f167c0)
  • TLUL (UUID: c2fd4f2d-8723-4ea4-bb6b-f2234ef84b08)