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'''Why are you even here?  Well?  Testing!'''
'''Why are you even here?  Well?  Testing!'''
<span class="extremely-obnoxious">WIKIPEDIA [[File:Wikipedia-logo.png]] FOREVER!</span>
<span class="extremely-obnoxious">WIKIPEDIA [[File:Wikipedia-logo.png]] SOMETIMES</span>

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Why are you even here? Well? Testing!

WIKIPEDIA Wikipedia-logo.png SOMETIMES

I am FastLizard4 from Wikipedia (see my userpage there).

So you want an IRC bot? Well, too bad. Scalar has been dead for years!

My Bots

  1. LizardBot 1 (AWB bot) - Approved
  2. LizardBot 2 (PyWikipediaBot) - Approved

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$ 2+2=5 $

needs moar xff