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<center>{{User:Mlpearc/Archive box}}</center>
This page is manually archived.  I will try to leave discussions for 5-7 days from last post.<br> Notices and messages may archived immediately.<br>Links to those archives or below.</center><br />
[[Archive 1]] / [[Archive 2]]}}
== RE: Mlpearc ==
Admin is the one you need, although it still won't allow you to create new accounts.  Don't use your account for testing bots, just poke me on my talk page to create a new account for your bot (remember to give me the username, of course <code>:P</code>) and I'll create it and give it a bot flag.  I've gone ahead and granted you the sysop right.  Also, if you could, please try to limit bot testing to your own userspace, but if you need to do something like test namespace handling, you can edit outside of your userspace.  And, as always, if in doubt, just ask me.  --[[User:FastLizard4|<span style="color: green;">'''FastLizard4'''</span>]] ([[User talk:FastLizard4|Talk]]&bull;[[Special:Contributions/FastLizard4|Contribs]]) 08:10, 25 November 2010 (UTC)
== RE: IP in signin / signup page ==
Is there some specific reason I should hide IPs?  --[[User:FastLizard4|<span style="color: green;">'''FastLizard4'''</span>]] ([[User talk:FastLizard4|Talk]]&bull;[[Special:Contributions/FastLizard4|Contribs]]) 07:30, 11 April 2011 (UTC)
:Nope. Just a thought. [[User:Mlpearc|<span style='font-family:;color:#800020'>'''Mlpearc'''</span>]] <small>[[User_talk:Mlpearc|<span style='font-family:;color:#CFB53B'>'''powwow'''</span>]]</small> 16:19, 11 April 2011 (UTC)

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