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I occasionally host files for download on my website (generally my own works). Since the wiki has replaced my old simple text website, this page will serve as the central "table of contents" for all of the files I have available for download from my website. Registered users may comment on any download by going to its talk page (the discussion tab at the top of the page). All download pages are prefixed with Download: and have the same green banner you should see at the upper right of this page.

If you would like to host a download of some sort on LizardWiki, please contact me directly.

Downloads Directory

  1. LizardBot (note: LizardBot's pages are in the primary article namespace, not in the downloads section)
  2. A rudimentary Rock Paper Scissors game
  3. Radiation scan results (see this blog post for more information on what this is.)
  4. MediaWiki updater script, aka Easily updates a Git-downloaded MediaWiki installation and any Git- or SVN-downloaded extensions in one fell swoop. Also handles branch switching for version upgrades.
  5. Minecraft Munin plugins, RRDTool/Munin plugins for monitoring the status of a Minecraft server.