UPDATE: Though this post if out of date, I have posted general (and updated) instructions on downgrading to older versions of Minecraft here.

ATTENTION: The Minecraft servers have been updated to CraftBukkit 1.6 development builds, so you can (and must) play using the newest Minecraft launcher and client.  This post is OUT OF DATE and is kept only for historical reasons.

If you play on my Minecraft servers, you will have to manually downgrade to Minecraft 1.5.2 until Bukkit releases a stable server build for 1.6.1.  Fortunately, the new launcher makes this easy to do.  Just follow these instructions and you’ll be back on 1.5.2 in no time!

Note that you have to manually upgrade to Minecraft 1.6.1 in the first place, so if you haven’t manually downloaded the new launcher yet, you’re probably still on 1.5.2 and good to go.  If you are still running 1.5.2, you will see this warning on the Minecraft main menu:

Notice!  Minecraft 1.6 is available for manual download. Please click here for more information

And now, if you already downloaded 1.6, here’s how to get back onto 1.5.2:

  1. Open the new Minecraft Launcher (“Minecraft Launcher 1.0.6”) as normal.
  2. Under Profile Selection, click New Profile.
  3. Enter Legacy for Profile Name
  4. In the Use version dropdown box, change “Use Latest Version” to release 1.5.2.
  5. Click Save Profile
  6. Back in the main launcher screen, in the Profile: dropdown box, select Legacy.  Version: should now read “release 1.5.2”.
  7. You will be prompted for your usual login details under Log In.  Just in case you see a “Play Offline” button instead of the “Play” button, hit “Log Out” then log back in again.

That’s it!  If you want to switch back to the latest Minecraft, just change the Profile dropdown box back from Legacy to (Default), and then you can go back to 1.5.2 simply by changing the dropdown back to Legacy.  Remember that if you see a “Play Offline” button instead of the “Play” button, just hit “Log Out” then log back in again.  Hopefully a stable Bukkit build for 1.6 will be released soon, and this post will be updated when the LizardNet servers are Minecraft 1.6-compatible.

Happy mining!

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