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Occasionally, you may need to force your Minecraft client launcher to switch to another version. Perhaps you want to go back and visit the Far Lands, check out the newest snapshot, or because one of the LizardNet servers is not yet on the latest version of Minecraft due to CraftBukkit development lag. Here are instructions for doing just that:

NB: To perform these steps, you must be using the "new" Minecraft launcher that was introduced with version 1.6.

  1. Open the new Minecraft Launcher as normal.
  2. Under the Profile Selection area in the lower-left corner of the screen, click New Profile.
  3. Enter Version Override for Profile Name (or you can use any name you want; we'll use "version override" for this guide though)
  4. In the Use version dropdown box, change "Use Latest Version" to select the version you want (e.g., "release 1.5.2").
  5. Click Save Profile
  6. Back in the main launcher screen, in the Profile: dropdown box, select Version Override. Version: should now contain the version string you selected in steps above.
  7. You will be prompted for your usual login details under Log In. Just in case you see a Play Offline button instead of the Play button, hit Log Out then log back in again.

Once you've completed these steps, in the future, you can change the version again by either creating a new profile, or selecting a previous profile in the Profile: dropdown then clicking Edit Profile. By default, the profile with the same name as your Minecraft username will always point to the latest stable Minecraft release. "Use Latest Version" in the Use version dropdown box achieves the same effect.

If you want to go back to old Minecraft Infdev, Alpha, or Beta releases, or try out prerelease Snapshots, make sure you first check the appropriate checkboxes above the Use version dropdown box in the profile editing screen, otherwise the versions you want won't appear.