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The Lolspam Database is a database of spam messages received by me and submitted by others. It exists for two primary reasons:

  1. To provide entertainment (spam emails are usually horribly written)
  2. To educate you about spam/phishing emails by providing real-world examples of them

Accessing the Database

Emails in the database index page are presented in order of date received (the Last Modified column), with one exception: Emails marked as being modified to fit on smaller screens are modified versions of the original email (also present), rewrapped so that they are easily viewable on smaller screens. The case-preserved subject of the email (with spaces replaced with underscores) is the filename, and the extension of the file (each file representing one email) will either be .txt or .html, for plaintext and HTML emails respectively.

Each email is presented as it was received, with only the email address the email was sent to and any personally identifying information about the person the email was sent to redacted if they was present. The headers of the email are also included. These headers display technical information about the email, including the IP address it was sent from, the subject line, the servers that relayed the email, and the date/time it was sent/received. The header block of the email can sometimes be quite long. To skip to the actual message itself, look for the first completely blank line - this serves to separate the header block from the actual message.

If a file name indicates "(submitted_by_name)" or "(submitted_by_anonymous)", it means that I did not "submit" the email to the database - instead, it was submitted to me for posting by someone else (see below).

Note that robots are disallowed from indexing the lolspam database.

Submitting a Sample

Users are welcome to submit samples to the database. You do not need to have a LizardWiki account to do so. To submit a sample, send an email to (click here to show email address). Your email must include:

  • The complete sample spam email with headers. I would prefer to receive the emails in unmodified form as I will perform any necessary redactions for you, but if it the email contains personally identifying information such as your real name, address, phone numbers, social security number, bank account numbers, etc., please feel free to remove them yourself. If the email you are submitting is an HTML email, please remember to send your email as plain text.
  • Whether or not you want to be named as the submitter, or want the submission to be anonymous. If you want to be named, also indicate how you want to be named.
  • Use a permanent, valid email address to send your email. I may email you regarding your submission. I promise not to spam you; you will only be contacted regarding your submission.
  • If you want to include a message to me, feel free to do so. However, note that it will not be displayed in the database with your submission.

Sample submissions are ONLY accepted by email. Screenshots of emails are generally not accepted.

Quetions? Comments?

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to me at (click here to show email address) or, if you have a LizardWiki account (loginrequest LizardWiki account), on this page's talk page. Note that the email address for sending me feedback is NOT the same as the email address for submitting a sample spam email.