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Welcome to Andrew "FastLizard4" Adams's[1] Website!

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Amateur Radio Service callsign WD0GES, Technician-class, EchoLink node 4247

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Canyon carving (ACH 18 January 2015).jpeg
Me riding my motorcycle up the Angeles Forest Highway on 18 January 2015.

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PGP Public Key

I have a PGP public key with ID 0x221A627DD76E2616. Feel free to use the key to encrypt messages to me/verify messages from me/whatever. You can either get the key by searching the SKS keyservers for 0x221A627DD76E2616, or you can copy the complete ASCII-armored keyblock from User:FastLizard4/PGP Public Key.

About me

Hello there! I'm FastLizard4, or at least that's what I call myself on the Internet. I'm also sometimes called "FL4", "Flizz", or "Flizzy" (mostly on IRC). I'm less commonly known by my real name, Andrew Adams (at least on the Internet, because I've been exclusively using my FastLizard4 pseudonym for many years now, and I will probably continue to use it over my real name). Although I like joking that I'm a citizen of the Internet, I am physically located (at least most of the time) in Southern California in the United States.

I formerly studied at the University of California, Los Angeles's Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science majoring in Computer Science and Engineering, though I have dropped out owing to various reasons, with indeterminate plans to return to school. Back in the summer of 2011, I worked as a Summer Research Assistant at the California Institute of Technology. Now, however, I work in Information Systems as a programmer at a local hospital.

Outside of work, I'm a Wikipedia editor (as User:FastLizard4; who would have guessed?) since April 2006 (although I'm not as active anymore as I'd like to be), an administrator/bureaucrat on the English Metroid Wikia, Wikitroid (once again as User:FastLizard4), and I'm an avid computer programmer and Unix/Linux sysadmin. I'm a current project lead and developer of Wikipedia's account creation assistance tool. I also am into photography, and have recently gotten into the habit of taking my Nikon D3000 with me wherever I go when possible, which has allowed me to take many of the photographs I have posted on my Flickr photostream (I also hold an advanced photography certification). I am also a laser enthusiast, and I own a 300mW 650nm (+-10nm) red semiconductor diode laser (this one makes pretty colors), a 450mW 532nm green IR-DPSS-FD laser (this one makes pretty colors then blinds you), and a 1200mW 445nm blue semiconductor diode laser (this one makes pretty colors, then blinds you, then burns your house down).

I'm also a competent motorcycle rider, my bike being a 2014 Ninja EX300B SE ABS, and I'm a licensed United States amateur radio operator with the callsign WD0GES. I currently hold Technician operator privileges, but I'm hoping to upgrade to Amateur Extra soon! I frequent the WINS IRLP-based repeater network, where you have a decent chance of hearing me on the air, and I primarily work 2-meter VHF and 70-centimeter UHF around Southern California. You can also hail me on EchoLink where I operate as node 4247. My primary rig is a Baofeng UV-5R handheld with a Nagoya NA-771 2m/70cm quarter-wavelength dipole whip antenna for handheld use, and a Tram magmount antenna for mobile operation. I'm also an amateur heliophysicist - or, to put it another way, I enjoy tracking space weather and related phenomena, such as aurora, geomagnetic storms, and solar flares. Radio work and heliophysics tend to go hand-in-hand, since space weather often affects how well radio signals propagate over long distances.

I classify myself politically as a liberal independent and religiously as an agnostic. I am an avid supporter of digital rights and free and open source software. In addition to releasing much of my creations under FOSS licenses, I am a member of the Free Software Foundation and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

You can find my other online presences at the top of this page.

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Hosting and Such

LizardWiki and the rest of the site, as well as the other services provided (LizardIRC, etc.) are hosted from, a Linode 2048-class VPS in Fremont, California, in the United States. You can purchase your very own Linode VPS, or you can see all the perks you get with one, at their website. Also, if you do buy a Linode, please use my referral code: 7244b9177cf793b272687738ee557aca870d8acf (note that if you click in the previous sentence, my referral code will automatically be used). I highly recommend Linode for their excellent VPSs and excellent service!

Some additional services are served from, which also provides front-end caching for LizardWiki. Phazon is also a Linode VPS (1024-class) hosted out of Fremont, CA.

My domain name,, was registered with the wonderful registrar Dynadot, which I also highly recommend. If you're a new Dynadot customer, and you don't mind helping me out, please use my referral code: 656Y9F8A9L6M6w7B. :)

Some alternate domain names for LizardWiki are provided by FreeDNS.

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  1. Yes, I prefer this style for indicating a singular possessive of a noun ending with 's'. Deal with it.