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Section 1 - General Usage

  1. Please remember that this wiki is, first and foremost, my (FastLizard4's) website. Although others may request the ability to edit here, I, FastLizard4, reserve the right to block persons from accessing this wiki and the rest of the site in any way for any reason whatsoever. I, FastLizard4, also reserve the right to impose arbitrary editing restrictions on any page on this wiki. By accepting these terms, you acknowledge this and understand that if you are denied access to LizardWiki, in the form of a block or otherwise, you will not necessarily be granted permission to contest the denial of access. You also acknowledge that as the owner of this site, I, FastLizard4, also reserve the right to remove for any reason any data in any form you store on LizardWiki or other services I provide.
  2. Do not abuse your access in any way. This includes abusively accessing or requesting resources and/or pages from LizardWiki, such as a denial-of-service attack. Abuse of the wiki in this fashion or in any way that degrades performance or the experience of the wiki for other users may result in your IP address being read-blocked from the server (your IP address will not be able to request any data from the server).
  3. Use of LizardWiki as a platform to launch attacks on other systems on the Internet is expressly forbidden. Uploading of viruses to the wiki for any purpose will result in instant discontinuance of LizardWiki's services to you.
  4. The CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 license applies to all text on this wiki, except where explicitly indicated otherwise (for example, the Help namespace). The CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 license also applies to all images and media uploaded to this wiki unless otherwise noted. See also the copyright policy.

Section 2 - Registered Users and Administrators

  1. Do not vandalize any pages on this wiki. Vandalism is not tolerated.
  2. You are expected to behave yourself. Do not troll. Follow civility guidelines, the no personal attacks rule, and follow standard wikietiquette.
  3. Never protect any talk pages (user talk, talk, template talk, etc.) unless there is reason to (vandalism, etc.).
  4. Never enable cascading protection - it sounds cool, but don't enable it unless you have to for a reason. Cascading protection makes it so that any page transcluded onto a page that is protected with cascading on also fully protected.
  5. NEVER touch the interface files in the MediaWiki interface unless you know what you are doing and have reason to - damage to these files can take down the wiki.
  6. ...In short, just because you can press the button doesn't mean you should. If you don't know what something does, don't click it.
  7. Respect those above you in terms of user rights.
  8. Respect copyright law. If you upload an image to the wiki, remember to credit the original author and include the copyright terms. If you are uploading images/media that are your own work, remember that if you don't indicate otherwise, the wiki license will apply to your work. Copyright violations will be immediately removed from the wiki.

Section 3 - Core Policies

These core policies should be read as and are considered extensions of these Terms of Service. By accepting these Terms of Service, you also accept/agree to the policies below.

Please note that just because a wiki policy isn't listed here doesn't mean you can ignore it. It is your responsibility as a user of LizardWiki to ensure that you behave within the bounds set by wiki policy (see also Category:Policy).

Section 4 - Your Personal Information and Your Account

This section only applies to users who are already registered or who wish to request an account.

Section 4.1 - Your Username

You must select an appropriate username if you chose to request an account on this wiki. If your username is deemed offensive or inappropriate, your account will be blocked and you will be asked to request a new account. You may use a pseudonym, or you may use your real name. However, if you would like to use your real name, please read section 4.3 of these Terms of Service for some considerations you should be aware of.

Section 4.2 - Your Email Address

All users must provide a valid, permanent email address for use with LizardWiki. Not only is this required for creating an account, but important messages will sometimes be sent to users through email. We will never spam you; however, we will take no responsibility if you post your email address anywhere on this website using the Edit Page function. Do not use a "disposable" email address.

Section 4.3 - Real Names

A real name is optional. Should you chose to provide it, be aware that it may be visible to the public. There are certain considerations you should be aware of when one uses their real name, either in the real name parameter, or as your username, on this wiki. From Wikipedia:

Use of a real name allows contributions to be more easily traced to an individual. This may make a contributor more vulnerable to issues such as harassment. You should consider the benefits and drawbacks of making substantial contributions under your real name before doing so, especially if you plan on editing or discussing potentially controversial subjects in articles or on any of the associated project or talk pages. While it is possible to rename accounts, a record of the previous name will still exist.

Do not edit under the name of a well-known living person unless it is your real name, and you either are that well-known person or you make it clear that you are not. Such usernames may be blocked as a precaution.

If you have been blocked for using your real name, please don't take offense; we're trying to prevent somebody from impersonating you! You are welcome to use your real name, but in some cases, you will need to prove you are who you say you are. You can do this by sending an e-mail to (click here to expose email address); be aware that the volunteer response team that handles e-mail is operated entirely by volunteers, and an immediate reply may not be possible.

Section 4.4 - Personal Biography

LizardWiki requires that you provide a personal biography when you request an account. This is how we determine whether or not we should give you an account, so please put some effort into it. Please do not falsify information, this will likely get you declined. Just tell the truth, and you probably will get the account. Please remember to include how you found us in your biography. Your biography will be saved in a protected database only accessible by certain privileged, trusted individuals, regardless of whether or not your request is approved. If it is approved, the biography will not automatically become your userpage.

Section 4.5 - Other Information

Any information you provide in the "Other Information" section of your account request is saved in a protected database only accessible by certain privileged and trusted users. It will not be visible to the public, and everything here is completely optional. Nothing here is an acceptable replacement for the personal biography.

Section 5 - Disclaimer

All information (text, images, media, software downloads, etc.) on LizardWiki is distributed in the hope that it will be useful to you, but please be aware that all information on LizardWiki is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, without even the implied warranties of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The information on LizardWiki is NOT PROFESSIONAL ADVICE and should not be taken as such. LizardWiki and/or FastLizard4 and/or LizardWiki Staff make(s) NO GUARANTEE OF ACCURACY and is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CONTENT POSTED ON THIS SITE. None of the contributors, sponsors, administrators, or anyone else connected with LizardWiki in any way whatsoever can be responsible for the appearance of any inaccurate or libelous information or for your use of the information contained in or linked from these web pages. Links to other websites from LizardWiki are NOT NECESSARILY ENDORSEMENT OF THOSE WEBSITES. Trademarks used on LizardWiki are the property of their respective owners, and their use does not constitute endorsement of LizardWiki by the trademarks' respective owners.

Please make sure that you understand that the information provided here is being provided freely, and that no kind of agreement or contract is created between you and the owners or users of this site, the owners of the servers upon which it is housed, the individual LizardWiki contributors, any project administrators, sysops or anyone else who is in any way connected with this project or sister projects subject to your claims against them directly. You are being granted a limited license to copy anything from this site; it does not create or imply any contractual or extracontractual liability on the part of LizardWiki or any of its agents, members, organizers or other users.

There is NO AGREEMENT OR UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN YOU AND LIZARDWIKI regarding your use or modification of this information beyond the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0); neither is anyone at LizardWiki responsible should someone change, edit, modify or remove any information that you may post on LizardWiki or any of its associated projects.

Some text in this section of the Terms of Service have been adapted from Wikipedia's general disclaimer, which is itself licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported license.

Section 6 - Logging and Your IP Address

LizardWiki maintains a strict privacy policy dictating what we can and cannot do with your information. However, please be aware that we log all traffic to this wiki, and save all visitors IP address. However, if you do not edit or request an account, it will be impossible for us to link the address (and the other logged information: your browser, the accessed page, time/date, and the referring website) with you personally. If you edit and do not want us to link this information to you, take care not to leave your real name anywhere on the site. Remember, providing your real name is optional everywhere on this site. Only the site's owner currently has access to these logs.

If you create an account and edit, please be aware that another database, the CheckUser database, is also maintained that records the IP addresses of every registered user every time they edit. Please remember that only CheckUsers have access to this data, and that all access to this data is logged. Those who inappropriately access or use the checkuser information will lose their ability to view it. The release of checkuser data is strictly forbidden, even if on-wiki arbitration is being performed against you.

Section 7 - Modification and Updates to These Terms

These Terms of Service are subject to modification and updating by User:FastLizard4 at any time without warning. It is your responsibility to check the Terms for updates. Since these Terms are maintained on a wiki page, updates to them will appear in Special:RecentChanges, and a log of all changes to the Terms can be found here. The most recent revision of this page by FastLizard4 is considered the active version of the Terms of Service. Your usage of the wiki constitutes automatic consent to any updates to these Terms. If you disagree or object to modifications made, please see Section 8 - Agreement to These Terms (below) for instructions on what you need to do.

Section 8 - Agreement to These Terms

By accessing LizardWiki, you have agreed to (and/or do not object to) the terms outlined in sections 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8. If you do not agree with or object to the terms outlined in sections 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, or 8, please navigate away from this website. If you are requesting a user account, by marking a check in the checkbox "I have read and agree to abide by the Terms of Service of LizardWiki. If I provided one, the real name I have provided is, in fact, real." on the request account form and submitting said form, you agree (and/or do not object) to all the above terms, including sections 2 and 4. If you do not agree with or object to the terms outlined in sections 2 or 4, please do not submit an account request, or if you already have a user account, please discontinue using it. If you do not agree with or object to the terms outlined in sections 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, or 8, please navigate away from this website.

If you have questions about these Terms of Service, please contact FastLizard4 at the email address below:
(click here to expose email address)