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This page provides information for connecting to the official LizardNet Teamspeak Server.

Teamspeak is free software that allows users to connect to a server and engage in a group voice chat.

If you don't have it already, you must first download the official Teamspeak 3 client here. After you've installed it, follow the directions below.

LizardNet Teamspeak is a general-use Teamspeak server for everything from video games to wiki editing. In fact, anyone is allowed to use it for any purpose, provided that it doesn't break the server rules, and may even create their own channels!


Direct your Teamspeak3 client to connect to Only the Teamspeak server on port 9987 is the official LizardNet Teamspeak server; servers on other ports are owned and controlled by other users and merely run on the same physical machine.

No password is required to connect to the LizardNet Teamspeak server.

If you'd like to add LizardNet Teamspeak to your Teamspeak3 bookmarks, go to Bookmarks in the menu bar, then click Manage Bookmarks, then press the Add Bookmark button.

Server Rules

All users are expected to abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in ejection or banning from the server.

  1. Treat others with respect and courtesy.
    • Racism, sexism, discrimination, etc. are specifically - but not exclusively - disallowed.
  2. Use common sense and don't be an asshole.
  3. No FSERVEs, warez, software piracy, illegal music distribution, and so forth.
  4. "Radio channels" (Teamspeak channels that play/stream music with the intent of users joining the channel to listen to the music) are disallowed. Incidental music in the background of normal voice traffic is permitted, but should be avoided.
  5. All users are expected to abide by the laws of the United States of America as well as their own local laws. When a conflict exists, United States laws take precedence.
  6. All rules are subject to interpretation by the network staff.



Your use of LizardNet Teamspeak constitutes acknowledgement of these rules and your agreement to them. Violation of these rules may result in your access to LizardNet Teamspeak being terminated.

General Information

Permissions Groups

The server has three global permissions groups, Guest, Normal, and Server Administrator. Guests have essentially no power, except to join and talk in non-private channels. Normal users can create temporary and semi-permanent channels, and can upload files to channels. Server Administrators have all permissions in all channels globally, and can create and delete permanent channels.

All channels by default have four groups, Guest, Voice, Operator, and Channel Administrator. As with server Guests, channel Guests have little power in channels. Voice users in most channels have the ability to bypass moderation. Operators have the ability to add and remove users from Voice and Operator, and can grant and revoke talk power. Channel Administrators have the ability to control every aspect of the channel, such as the topic, and can delete the channel unless it is permanent (in which case Server Administrators will need to delete the channel).

Creating Channels

To be able to create a channel, you'll first need to be promoted to the Normal user group. Regular, trusted users of LizardNet Teamspeak will probably have this promotion given to them automatically, but if you'd like to request it, send an offline message to FastLizard4 by going to Tools > Offline Messages and clicking Compose. Remember to include why you want Normal in your message!

Note that you'll only be able to create Temporary (channel automatically deleted when last person leaves) or Semi-Permanent channels (channel automatically deleted when the server is restarted). You'll need to have a Server Administrator "promote" the channel to Permanent (never automatically deleted) by contacting them directly or sending an Offline Message to FastLizard4. Before a channel is promoted to Permanent, it will be reviewed for compliance with the LizardNet Teamspeak rules.

Game servers

There are Teamspeak channels for all LizardNet Minecraft servers, each under the "Minecraft Servers" main channel and with the name of the server (e.g., "Minecraft Servers > s2"). The main Minecraft Servers channel is for requesting access to one of the individual server channels, and once access is granted you can join the server channels at you own discretion. Minecraft server operators have the ability to add the Voice channel group to users, granting access to the channel.

In addition, the channel for the LizardNet Starbound server is similarly private, and a channel operator must add Voice permissions to you before you'll be able to join or talk in it.

Live Teamspeak server information
HTTPS users may need to allow viewing insecure/unauthenticated scripts to view.