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LizardNet is the name collectively given to my (FastLizard4's) server network, the services it hosts, and the websites it hosts. LizardNet services are free culture; there are no advertisements and no fees for using services (hosting services, on the other hand, may be charged for, though more often they are not or donations are asked for instead).


The following is a list of all LizardNet servers, including their hostnames, their IP address(es), their SSH keys (if applicable), and a brief description of their purpose.

Note that "publically accessible" means that you can type the IP address into your web browser and see something. It does not mean that anyone can SSH into the server, for example, nor does it mean that anyone can get SSH access. "Not publically accessible" means that the server cannot be directly contacted by the outside world.
  • General purpose server. Hosts IRC, Icinga, Munin, LizardWiki, STG Wiki, Atheme Web Services, Gerrit Code Review, shell user webspaces, and others. Used as the primary LizardNet mail server. SSH server. Publically accessible. Runs Apache2.
  • IPv4: (reverse DNS pointer
  • IPv6: 2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fe93:12d8 (reverse DNS pointer
  • cjdns address (peered on Hyperboria): fc29:0895:df9f:cbf1:06ee:1750:8921:4704
  • SSH server public key fingerprints:
    • ssh-rsa 2048 a0:92:7e:aa:7b:8d:c9:26:0f:1d:55:c9:0f:22:d0:e5
    • ssh-rsa1 2048 01:74:4e:40:da:ba:75:8a:40:38:f5:35:8b:68:ee:ad
    • ssh-dsa 1024 03:16:c0:6d:46:1b:82:96:fd:15:4a:c5:46:02:b7:57
  • General purpose high-load server. Hosts IRC and shell user webspaces. SSH server. Publically accessible. SSH listens on ports 22 and 2222 to allow bypassing of firewalls. Uses a Pound reverse proxy and Squid accelerator to speed up certain services on ridley. Also hosts Jenkins and OTRS.
  • IPv4: (reverse DNS pointer
  • IPv6: 2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fe69:cfe1 (reverse DNS pointer
  • cjdns address (peered on Hyperboria): fcdd:3b54:ce7a:8cc9:da49:fac8:5775:cbf4
  • SSH server public key fingerprints:
    • ssh-dsa 1024 cb:99:64:0d:f3:35:dc:25:e4:04:ad:a0:4b:2f:f7:c1
    • ssh-ecdsa 256 ca:39:02:36:7b:aa:56:6c:74:55:80:81:8f:44:14:e6
    • ssh-rsa 2048 33:ba:1e:a9:91:8e:dd:f9:1e:8b:2f:ae:12:61:d8:25
  • Dedicated Minecraft VPS; only runs LizardNet Public Minecraft servers (aside from other basic tools for system administration or server support, such as apache2, mysql, nagios-nrpe, and munin). Currently runs server s2. No public SSH access.
  • IPv4: (reverse DNS pointer
  • IPv6: 2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fe6e:a5e3 (reverse DNS pointer
  • cjdns address (peered on Hyperboria): fc8b:de5c:e272:1074:5240:2264:f85f:cdec
  • SSH server public key fingerprints:
    • ssh-dsa 1024 b3:00:c9:dd:12:b2:31:f2:79:68:2e:45:be:c5:e2:85
    • ssh-ecdsa 256 14:55:14:cd:35:26:90:ee:97:da:bb:fe:4d:fb:bb:df
    • ssh-rsa 2048 94:9a:7f:54:c8:1e:51:5f:a8:85:7d:57:c0:bb:4b:7c


This is a list of official LizardNet services. Not listed here is LizardWiki, my (FastLizard4's) website, which you are currently viewing.

Publically accessible

  • LizardBlog - My blog, and only my blog. If you want to host a blog on LizardNet, you'll have to set one up yourself (assuming you already have the appropriate access to the necessary servers/services).
  • LizardNet mailing lists - currently hosts Wikitroid's mailing lists, among others.
  • LizardBugs - Bugzilla-based bug tracking system. Contact me if you'd like to use it for your project! Most LizardNet projects already use LizardBugs for bug tracking.
  • LizardNet Code Review - runs on Google's Gerrit Code Review, provides LizardNet Git repositories.
  • LizardNet Code Explorer - runs on Gitblit, allows for easy hierarchical (read-only) access to the aforementioned Git repositores.
  • LizardIRC - LizardNet's IRC network
  • Munin - Performance monitoring and statistics for LizardNet's servers.
  • Pingdom Uptime Statistics
  • Icinga - Service and host monitoring for LizardNet. You'll get an "Authentication Required" box; just enter the username guest with no password.
  • IRC Webchat - LizardIRC access in your browser!

Authentication required, open registration

  • Atheme Web Services - For LizardIRC users, allowing one to access and modify their NickServ account and ChanServ-registered channels over the web.

Authentication and access approval required

These services require preauthorization by someone with the ability to provide authorization before you can access them.

  • LizardVPN - L2TP/IPSec VPN for users with SSH access to
  • LizardMail - SMTP+IMAP/POP3 access for users with SSH access to any LizardNet server.

Sites hosted on LizardNet

This is a list of websites hosted from LizardNet services. It may not be complete. If you don't want your site listed here, feel free to just remove it.

Minecraft servers

A few Minecraft servers are hosted off of LizardNet by me. Click here for the list!

Contact information

If you have any questions, complaints, or comments, just send me an email at fastlizard4 [ a t ] fastlizard4 [ d o t ] org!