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This page contains the BZFlag-Unban-Requests-l mailing list protocol. This page is for BZFlag server operators and administrators, and not for users requesting an unban.


  • Generally, unless there's a good reason to do otherwise, the operator/administrator that set a ban should handle unban requests for that ban.
  • Even if you're subscribed to the mailing list (since you're an operator/admin), you may still receive the autoresponse sent to players requesting unban. You can disregard it.


  • When a new unban request is received, as stated above, you should let the administrator that set the ban in question handle the request unless there's a reason to do otherwise.

To handle a request:

  1. Reply to the email just like you would any email. Note that the reply will automatically be directed towards the mailing list. But, you should also send the message to the player requesting unban. In other words, the To: field should contain both the unban requests mailing list's email address and the email address of the player requesting unban. This serves to indicate that you are handling the request.
  2. Further conversation between you and the requesting user can be carried out in private (i.e., you don't need to also send email to the mailing list, just to the player requesting unban).
  3. When the matter is resolved, again send an email both to the mailing list and to the player requesting unban indicating whether or not you granted their request to be unbanned. And, of course, if the request was granted, remove the ban once the email is sent.
    It is possible that the matter will be resolved with the first reply, in which case you can simply make the first reply email (step 1) the resolution email.

Note that at any time while you're handling an unban request, you can email the mailing list to discuss internally amongst the operators/admins.

If any part of this protocol is unclear, please feel free to request clarification on the talk page, or you can contact me (FastLizard4) by any other means you know.