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A rudimentary player vs. CPU rock paper scissors program.

Console Program

  • This program operates from the console. On Windows, double clicking the executable will open a command prompt window. On Linux, you must start the program from the command line (e.g., using the command ./rps_linux).


This was originally a programming assignment from my computer science class. People tell me it kills time, at least for a little while, so I am offering it for download here. The program is very simple to use, operates entirely from the command line, and is quite small. Although it's a single player vs. CPU game of rock paper scissors, the CPU doesn't have an AI - its choice is based on a random number generator. The program is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

System Requirements

  • Program is written in C++, and should therefore work on almost any system that can run a C++ compiler, Mac, Linux, and Windows included.
  • Executables for Windows and Linux have already been compiled and are included below.
  • On Linux computers, a desktop interface is not required to run this program.
  • Program tested and built on Windows XP (Windows version) and Ubuntu Linux 8.04LTS (Linux version). However, the source code is OS-agnostic and only needs to be recompiled on your machine if the executables don't work.
  • Program is portable and requires no installation once compiled.


  • Note: Clicking one of the light blue links below will initiate a download.
  • Source Code (programming language: C++; a copy of the code can also be found here, no download required.) Size: 2.8 KiB.
  • Precompiled Linux executable (tested and built on a Linux machine running Ubuntu Linux 8.04LTS.) Size: 11 KiB.
  • Precompiled Windows executable (tested and built on a Windows machine running Windows XP.) Size: 574 KiB.

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