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Current goals


Please put newest entries on top.

  • Lots more stuff: TLUL (talk) 22:36, 28 May 2017 (UTC)
    • Researched more things
    • Converted all chests to logistic chests
    • Automated production of many common components, using the logistics network
    • Added a solar cell to the east
    • Covered the remainder of the base in roboports
    • Added laser turrets to most wall sections
    • Added automatic robot deployment, with signalling to deploy both robot types at the same rate
    • Unified laboratory inputs to a logistic chest
  • Retroactive changelog since I forgot last time I played: FastLizard4 (TalkContribs) 11:00 26 May 2017 (UTC)
    • Researched logistics, started setting up a logistics network
    • Destroyed a couple alien hives to the north, alien artifacts stored in logistics network
    • Added heavy/light oil cracking to petroleum gas for battery and plastic production
    • Started building solar panels, added more accumulators
  • Lots of stuff: FastLizard4 (TalkContribs) 10:36, 25 May 2017 (UTC)
    • Built defensive stone wall and turret perimeter; mostly composed of gun turrets, though with a few laser turrets
    • Added automated steel, stone brick, and stone wall production
    • Added automatic shotgun shell production
    • Started oil drilling and production of batteries and lubricant
    • added another set of boilers and steam engines
    • built and placed 30 accumulators
    • Probably made more of a mess of things rather than less
    • Built more labs and more automated red science production; manual shuffling of green science still required though, as well as manual filling of the chests supplying the new red science production as well as an old chest in the middle of that mess with steel plates
    • Replaced small poles with medium poles where appropriate; smelting lines are now almost entirely automated (with the exception of two ovens cooking iron ore)
    • Built a radar
    • Added a couple "manually operated" assembling machines for producing engines and electric engines
    • Researched a bunch of stuff, including Advanced Mats 2 (for electric furnaces) and solar panels, amongst other things
  • Added automated green science production, automated copper plate production, automated gun magazine production, built a couple extra steam engines, placed a few gun turrets and lights due to first alien attack --FastLizard4 (TalkContribs) 21:15, 24 May 2017 (UTC)
    • Also added some buffer chests to the coal line to the boilers for when coal demand exceeds the supply
    • Green science production only automatically feeds one of the two labs; green science must be manually moved to the chest used for red science to feed both labs
    • Added long-loaders to the iron and copper plate lines so that at least half the ovens fuel themselves, and added a coal mining line