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With the installation of some extensions, you can embed videos on a wiki.

EmbedVideo Extension method (used on LizardWiki)

This method is based on adding a new ParserFunction: ev. Use is simple, following this pattern (stuff in <> are arguments, stuff in [] are optional): {{#ev:<service>|<video ID>[|<height>]}}, where <service> is the video service's "service code", <video ID> is the ID number of the video, and the optional <height> argument is the desired size of the video (this is in px and overrides the normal size of the video) (some examples can be found here). Some of the included services include:

Additional services can be added using a LocalSettings.php configuration setting, $wgEmbedVideoServiceList (See for more information). Some downsides of this extension are that it is more complex than the YouTube extension below, however, the extension can handle an infinite number of services.

Example syntax:


The YouTube extension method (not supported by LizardWiki, but most common)

This is the simplest of all, just take the YouTube video ID, and enclose it in <youtube> tags, for example: <youtube><video ID></youtube>, where <video ID> is the video ID. Some downsides of this method, however, is that you cannot specify a custom size, nor can you use services other than YouTube.

General Tips

The video ID is usually part of the URL when you visit a video, for example. in the link, the dMH0bHeiRNg is the video ID, so YouTube URLs follow this format:<video ID> where <video ID> is the video's ID code. Most services operate in a similar fashion.