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Instructions for bureaucrats confirming email addresses:

  • Take a new request, and if it is not taken (you see Request will be handled by: <crat>), sign your name using four tildes (~~~~), replacing <crat>. Email the user using the template shown below (plain text only), and include a random string of letters and numbers in the place of <confirmation code> (NOT <confirmationcode>. Record this confirmation code OFF-WIKI, preferably on your own computer. When the user reposts, if the confirmation code is correct, confirm the users email via Special:ConfirmUsersEmail. Reply on the talk page saying the email was confirmed.
  • If the user posts the wrong confirmation code, nag the user, however, if the user fails to post the correct code a second time, see below
  • If the user never posts the confirmation code, or gets it wrong after two tries, delete the request.

When a request is completed, notify the user on the talk page and remove their request.

NOTE: Do not fill requests that already have the signature of another bureaucrat on it.

The page's history will be purged weekly.

Email template

Dear <username>,

Many thanks for your interest in LizardWiki.  To confirm your email address, please go to 
and locate your request.  There, enter the following in the place of <confirmationcode>:

<confirmation code>  --~~~~

We will notify you when your request is completed.