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Shorcuts are pages that redirect to policy pages with large titles, such as LizardWiki:SHORT redirects to this page, and LizardWiki:IRC redirects to LizardWiki:Internet Relay Chat. To create a shortcut, use the shortcut template to list the shortcuts, like this:
{{shortcut|shortcut one|shortcut two|...|shortcut n}}
The normal link brackets are not necessary, but the LizardWiki: prefix is. For example, for this page, the text is:


  • Do not create shortcuts using LW:, an abbreviation of the normal prefix, as is usually done on some wikis - this places it in the namespace. Any shortcut with the LW: prefix will be deleted on sight. Instead, use the LizardWiki: prefix please
  • Do not create excessive shortcuts
  • Shortcuts should be short and all-caps

Shortcut types in use

  1. LizardWiki namespace, prefix LizardWiki:, shortcut prefix LizardWiki:.