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This is the talk page for LizardWiki:Confirm email

New requests

Place your request at the bottom of THIS section by clicking here and adding:

#I am requesting the activation of the account <youraccountname> with email address [mailto:<youremailaddress> <youremailaddress>]. --~~~~<br />
#:Request will be handled by: <crat><br />
#:Enter confirmation code here: <confirmationcode>

Replace <youraccountname> with your account name, and both instances of <youremailaddress> with your email address that you entered with your preferences.

You will be emailed with a confirmation code. When you receive it, re edit your request, replacing <confirmationcode> with your confirmation code. If it is correct, a bureaucrat will approve your request, and you will be notified via talk page. Ignore the <crat> parameter.