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RESCHEDULED DOWNTIME NOTIFICTION - Linode upgrades and datacenter migration, and all related services running from this server, including <a href="/wiki/LizardBot" title="LizardBot">LizardBot</a>'s check-for-updates mechanism, LizardWiki, STG Wiki, Wikitroid, and Rav3nZNC, is currently scheduled to be rebooted for Linode upgrades and a datacenter migration no earlier than 07:00 Friday, May 24, 2013 (UTC). At the beginning of the downtime, the server will be shut down and the server entered into the Linode migration queue, which is not expected to be long. Once it is the server's turn, it will be migrated, a process which will take between 45 minutes and an hour. After the migration is complete, the server will be brought back online from the new datacenter and will have the new Linode upgrades. Information about this process and the benefits can be found at the Linode blog <a class="external text" href="">here</a> and <a class="external text" href="">here</a>. For continual updates about the downtime, before and during it, please <a class="external text" href="">follow LizardWiki on Twitter</a>.

<a class="external text" href="">Downtime start in various timezones</a>

This downtime was previously planned, but has been rescheduled to the time and date currently displayed in this message.

<a href="#" title="Close" onclick="hideBanner();return false;">Click here to dismiss this message for one week.</a> This message will automatically disappear once the downtime is complete.