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<a href="/wiki/File:Under_construction_icon-blue.svg" class="image"><img alt="Under construction icon-blue.svg" src="/w/images/thumb/d/d5/Under_construction_icon-blue.svg/100px-Under_construction_icon-blue.svg.png" width="100" height="83" srcset="/w/images/thumb/d/d5/Under_construction_icon-blue.svg/150px-Under_construction_icon-blue.svg.png 1.5x, /w/images/thumb/d/d5/Under_construction_icon-blue.svg/200px-Under_construction_icon-blue.svg.png 2x" /></a>

Previously scheduled downtime CANCELLED and needs to be RESCHEDULED

The previously scheduled downtime has been cancelled but still needs to take place, so it must be rescheduled. However, the new schedule for the downtime has not yet been set. No action is needed until a new schedule for the downtime is determined, at which point this message will be replaced with a new downtime notification.

<a href="#" title="Close" onclick="hideBanner();return false;">Click here to dismiss this message for one week.</a> This message will automatically be replaced with a new downtime notification and reappear when the rescheduling has been finalized.