SWB:Book of Geonosis

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Book of Geonosis

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

Chapter 1

1.) In the beginning, there was but the Force, and through the Force the Galaxy born.

2.) And the Galaxy was without form and void; and Darkness was upon its face. And the Spirit of the Force flowed through.

3.) And the Force could see, and half'd: And was then there the Light, to shine against the Darkness.

4.) And the Force divided the Light from the Darkness.

5.) And was by the Force, the Light called Light; and by the Force, the Darkness called Dark.

6.) And then the Force will'd: a firmament to divide the void from the void.

7.) And the Force made the firmament, and divided the void which were under the firmament, from the void which were above the firmament: and so it was.

8.) And the Force called the firmament, and it was as The Force.

9.) And the Force will'd: let the void beneath The Force gather as One, and let the land appear as its firmament: and so it was.

10.) And by the Force, the lands were called as World; and the gathered void as Space.

11.) And the Force will'd: Let the Worlds bring forth ground, a globe of wind, and the fruit of it's kind, whos fruit will nurish it and only: and it was so.

12.) And the Worlds brought forth all these things in the word of the Force as will'd: and the Force saw, and it was good.

13.) And then the Force saw the Light as one and day, and the Dark as one and night.

14.) And the Force will'd: let there be that Light in the firmament of The Force, to divide the days of the Worlds from the nights, and let it be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.

15.) And let them be for lights in the firmament of The Force to give light upon the Galaxy.

16.) And the Force made two great lights; the stars to rule the days and the moons to rule the nights.

17.) And the Force set them in the firmament of the Worlds and of the void. To give light upon the Worlds

18.) And so as to divide the nights from the days and the days from the nights.

19.) And so was set the nights from the days.

20.) And the Force will'd: Let the void bring forth the abundance of life upon the creatures of the void and of the Galaxy.

21.) And the Force gave life to the great Krayts and Mynocks, and every living thing of the Voids.

22.) And the Force was with them, and flowed through them so they may be fruitful and multiply and fill the voids.

23.) And the Force so saw, and it was good.

24.) And the Force will'd: Let the Worlds bring forth creatures of life: the Rancors and the Banthas, and the Rontos, and all creatures of the Worlds.

25.) And the Force breath'd life into them and flowed through them as one.

26.) And was then that the Force will'd: Let there be born people of sentience to be One with the Force and to touch the Force, and to use the Force, and to rule in dominion over all other creatures of life of the Worlds and the voids and the Galaxy.

27.) So the Force birth'd the People of sentience; to wield and be One With the Force and The Force; and they were birth'd in form as a legion of more and many. For the form of It was none.

28.) And the Force flowed through them, so that they may be fruitful and multiply and fill the Worlds and the voids and the Galaxy with them; and to be one with the Force and The Force.

29.) And the Force will'd and gave them the strength of It; to wield and to have and to use.

30.) And the Force gave them all the fruits of the Worlds and the Voids and the Galaxy. And so it was.

31.) And so the Force beheld: and the Force flowed through the plains of the Galaxy and it's voids and Worlds, and it was good.

Chapter 2

1.) Thus the Voids and the Worlds were finished, and all the host of them.

2.) And did the Force then flow within it and through it and through all that dwelled within.

3.) And through the Force dost all life be living and be'th naught.

4.)These are the generations of the Galaxy and its Voids and its Worlds of which they were created. As the Force had will'd the Worlds from Void.

5.) And as the Force will'd the fruits and the creatures and the people from the dust of none and of the Worlds.

6.) And as the Force will'd the Light into the Dark, and the Dark into the Light, to give day and night, night and day.

7.) And as the Force flow'd through and dost, through the creatures and all to give them life. These are the generations of the Spirit of the Force and of the Galaxy and of all.

8.) And the Force had breath'd and will'd that of a garden of a World, Outward in the Rim, of that of Theed.

9.) And from the grounds did the Force make to grow every tree of pleasant, and of food; the tree of The Force also in the midst of the gardens, and the tree of knowledge of that of the Light and that of Darkness of The Force.

10.) And a river went out from the world to water the Gardens, and to encompass the Garden and Theed.

11.) The name of this river was Solleu, and from it did around flow and fall with its great tremble and of yet grace.

12.) And the lands of the river were of rich; there is cortosis, and the nova crystal.

13.) And of the river, The Force drew, and connected it of each side of the World and of the Garden.

14.) And the World was of the river within and out.

15.) And The Force took then the people of it and of sentience and put them in the Gardens to dress and keep it.

16.) And The Force spoke to them, saying, of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely take of.

17.) But of the Tree of Knowledge of Light and Dark, thou shalt never touch and partake of and in: for on the day thou dost partake'th thereof, then to the ends of all my creation, to which will bear of suffering and of death thereof.

18.) And The Force spoke, saying, it is not good that the people be but one; I will give them numbers in all, and but not all as one, and for them too, numbers lesser for help of them.

19.)And from the World and its river, The Force formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air and Void and brought them unto the people: and whatsoever the people called every living creature, that was the name thereof.

20.) And the people gave names to the beasts of the Worlds and Voids, and they were so, but for the people The Force was yet complete.

21.) The Force flowed then into and through the river of the Gardens and the Voids and the Worlds of the Voids and of all and breath'd life again.

22.) And The Force breath'd life into the river and were formed the people of Gunga and all. And The Force breath'd life into the Voids and the Worlds and were formed the people of Rodia and were so the people of Tatoo, and of Sullust, and Bothowai. And of all The Force had will'd.

23.) And therefor all peoples of the Worlds and of the Voids, and all are of The Force and of one.

24.) And so is that to all of its people are of equal.

25.) And all called to the Force and used it as one, and were both of grateful, and of no fear.