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Template Documentation

{{Minecraft server
|private      = If the server is private, set this to private.  If the server is semi-private, set this to semiprivate.  Else, set this to public, 
|privatenotes = If server is private or semi-private, text explaining how to get access.
|name         = Name of the server.  Required.
|cid          = Canonical ID of the server.  Required.
|address      = Address of the server if different than host:port.  If not, remote this parameter.
|version      = Minecraft version number of the server (just the number, e.g., "1.5" or "1.6.2")
|host         = Host server runs on.  Required.
|port         = Port server runs on.  Required.
|gamemode     = Game mode.  Required.  One of Survival, Creative, or Adventure.  "Multiplayer" automatically appended.
|playmode     = Play mode.  Required.  Either pvp or pve.
|difficulty   = Difficulty setting.  0 through 3, and x meaning hardcore!
|slots        = Number of player slots available required.
|serverd      = String with the server software
|mods         = If the server has mods installed, set this to something, otherwise remove the parameter
|maplink      = If the server has an external map, enter the full URL here
|maplinkftxt  = Enter any text to follow the link to the external map here.
|munin        = If Munin graphs are available, set this to "yes" - make sure CID above has been defined!
|munincid     = If the CID in Munin paths is different than the actual CID, set the Munin path CID here.
|teamspeak    = If Teamspeak 3 for the server is available, set this to the TS3 server information