The Concise Guide to Pinging FastLizard4

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This page contains a short list of things to bear in mind when hilighting/pinging me on IRC. The information on this page will not only help me get back to you faster, but also contained below are many good practices.


  • I can hilighted/pinged on IRC by simply saying my name, "FastLizard4", or a common variant (such as "flizz" or "FL4"). Hilighting/pinging is case insensitive.
  • Hilighting me does several things to get my attention, such as changing the color of the text that hilighted me and the tab that the text was spoken in.
  • When I am away (marked as away), hilights are also added to my awaylog.
  • When I return, the awaylog is replayed so I can see all the messages that have hilighted me.

Things you should and should not do

This information is mainly written for when I'm away on IRC.
  • DO NOT just say "FastLizard4: Are you there?" or something like that. If you just want to see whether or not I'm online, please do a /whois or a /wii on me. If the output of the command indicates I am away, then I am away - you do not need to ask whether or not I'm online. If I have been idle for a very long time (idle time is displayed when the /wii command is used), then I am probably away. If my nickname ends with "|away", "|busy", or "|zZzZ" (e.g., "FastLizard4|zZzZ"), then I am away - you do not need to ask whether or not I'm online.
    • A note about the "FastLizard4|zZzZ" nickname: When I'm using this nickname, it does not necessarily mean I'm asleep; rather, it means that I'm offline (as opposed to just away from a computer).
    • ...And, if you do ask me if I'm online, don't ask again if I don't answer you in an hour. That means I'm not online.
  • DO NOT just say my name twenty times. That doesn't help you, nor does it help me. Doing this a lot will likely get you ignored.
  • DO be verbose in your hilights. Include exactly what you want/need. For example, instead of saying "FastLizard4: Are you there?", you should say "FastLizard4: There is a backlogged request on RfC, could you get to it when you have a chance?".
  • DO hilight me on each line if you have information for me that goes over multiple lines.
  • DO NOT use LizardBot's @remind command, unless I'm actually disconnected from IRC (although there has yet to be a condition where I am disconnected from IRC but not my bot at the same time).
  • DO NOT repeat information (something you already have hilighted me about) or fill my awaylog with something I already know. Yes, I already know that today's date is June 18, 2024. You don't need to ping me fifty times about it. Note that you can and should hilight me if you have something to add to something you hilighted me about earlier.