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A summary table of all the colleges/universities I applied to, and whether or not I was accepted
School Application status Admittance Status Will attend in Fall 2011[1][2] Order of preference[3] Remarks
California Institute of Technology application submitted rejected not accepted 1 "@FastLizard4 Did Caltech reject you because they were afraid you'd do something terrible with lasers?" —Tweeted by @TLUL_tw

"@TLUL_tw Could be. >:D" —Tweeted by me in response to above
"@FastLizard4 application.reject(Requirements.Safety.Lasers.SHOOP_DA_WHOOP_RISK);" —Tweeted by @TLUL_tw in response to above

Harvey Mudd College application submitted rejected not accepted 2
University of California, Berkeley application submitted rejected not accepted 3
University of California, Irvine application submitted accepted (major: Computer Science, Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science) offer of admission declined 4 My cousin went here; also home of the first dedicated school of Computer Science in the UC system
University of California, Los Angeles application submitted accepted (major: Computer Science and Engineering, Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science) Statement of Intent to Register submitted! Housing application also submitted. 3 Practically in my backyard. :D
University of California, Riverside application submitted accepted (major: Computer Science B.S. + M.S., Bourns College of Engineering) offer of admission declined 6
University of California, San Diego application submitted accepted offer of admission declined 5 UCSD's website (at least for prospective students checking their application status) is extremely asinine. Not only are you forced to log in with a UCSD-specific arbitrary ID number, but once I was able to log in (which involved several password resets), I was told that "this function is only available from 7 A.M. to midnight PDT". *rage*
University of California, Santa Barbara application submitted accepted (major: Pre-Computer Science, College of Engineering) offer of admission declined 4
Accepted 5
Rejected 3
Not yet replied 0
Total colleges applied to 8


  1. Blank spaces in this column mean that I have not decided for that particular school. And, of course, I can only attend one school, so eventually, only one school will win out in this column.
  2. This column, with the submission of my SIR to UCLA, is now final.
  3. I.e., first choice, second choice, etc. schools. The rankings are a bit meaningless now that I've submitted my SIR to UCLA, but they're kept here for historical purposes *cough*.