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Hello! I am John. Though some of you (from now) may know me better as John F. Lewis on Wikimedia.


I am John F. Lewis on every Wikimedia project (Well, 693 of the 764ish). My SUL record more or less explains some of my 'special' rights but for those who don't wish to check, I'll list them below.

English Wikipedia (enwiki)

On the English Wikipedia where my Wikimedia future began, I hold reviewer and rollbacker which both help me manage vandalism and review Pending Changes changes. I also hold a 'special' right which allows me to act on account creation requests which otherwise would not be possible such as created blocked or spoofed usernames

Wikidata (wikidatawiki)

On Wikidata, I hold the Sysop right which allows me to act as an administrator. This is a basic right which most people have a great understanding about and so I will not go on about this.


On LizardWiki, I currently hold Sysop and CheckUser rights. I have yet to use these actively but as a side note, I have great experience with these so don't shy away from asking me to use them. Seriously, Please ask me to use them that is why I have them to serve the community.