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Here you can download the raw results and numbers behind my scanning for radiation experiment. For more information on the experiment in general, click here.

My analysis

My analysis blog post of these results can be found here.


  • I am not an expert on radiation. Although I have attempted to be scientifically rigorous in taking these readings, please handle these numbers accordingly.
  • Each datapoint was recorded in thirty second intervals. Effectively, each datapoint represents the counts of radiation per thirty seconds.
  • There is a period of time that the collection of data mysteriously stopped after 146.633333 hours. Although 282.979167 is the time of the next recorded sample, this not actually the time between when the collection stopped and I restarted data collection.


Clicking the link below will immediately start a download of that file.

Clicking one of the links below will open a text file. To save the file, right click one of the links and select the appropriate "Save target as" option.


The results for this experiment are licensed under the wiki license, CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported.