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Welcome to LizardWiki's new permanent host!

Welcome to FastLizard4's wiki!

The wiki is going to look simply configured and generic for a little while, until I can finish setting it up.

The date in roman numerals:
...and in Arabic numerals:
In M-D-Y format

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Those of you who use Wikia will know about the so called Master Plan for capital funding New Monaco skin, and probably also hate the new ads it brings up. However, there is an easy way around this, which involves installing the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (if you do not use it already) and installing the AdBlock Plus extension.... (more)


All of my PHP scripts have now been organized here. These scripts include an all-caps remover, which removes annoying all-caps from the submitted text, and my IRC quote library.

Site Map

See here for the site map.

Developer Notes

  • Email to all addresses is now working flawlessly!
  • Planning to embed YouTube videos? If you are using the <youtube> format, or are taking it from a link, just get the ID code (ex: <youtube>ID CODE</youtube> or CODE) and use this syntax: {{#ev:youtube|ID CODE}} which will do the same thing as embedding the video with the code YouTube provides or the <youtube> tags used on many wikis, such as Wikia and Uncyclopedia.... (more)
  • The feed should now be operable! Look for LizardWiki-RC in our IRC channel!.

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Technical problems

  1. Tasks extension does not work
  2. Group Portal extension does not work properly

No, I don't know how to fix these. Yet.


Hosting done on a Hexxeh VPS. If you are interested in getting one, take a look here.