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This is LizardNet Minecraft's first minigame server! The name of the minigame is Missile Wars, created by SethBling and Cubehamster.


  • As always, please be civil and courteous to others. Maintain etiquette, and be a good sport.
  • No use of cheats such as flying mods.

m1 shares the server whitelist, operator list, and banlists used by s2. Operators should not use the /op, /deop, /whitelist, /ban, /ban-ip, /pardon, or /pardon-ip commands on m1, as this will cause inconsistencies between m1 and s2. These commands should only be used on s2, and m1 restarted as necessary to sync changes that aren't automatically synced (using the /whitelist reload command is also acceptable to synchronize the m1 white-list with s2).

Operators should not tamper with the map in any way. Mods are not used on this server; everything is powered by command blocks. Creative Mode may only be used to access the administrative console and change the minigame configuration (see the configuration section below).

If you are banned from the server, you may appeal the ban and request unbanning using the s2 unban request form, unless the ban reason is preceeded by "NO APPEAL". You will need to try connecting to s2 to view the reason why you were banned.

Minigame Information

A game in progress. Note the three Red Team barriers formed by thrown snowballs, along with three Green Team barriers at the Green Team side of the field, as well as four missiles in-flight


Example Missile Wars base, this one for Red team

The name of the game is Missile Wars. The objective is to destroy the enemy's Nether portal. Players divide themselves into two teams, Red and Green (with the option of also joining a Spectator team). Each team gets a large Nether portal to defend. Protecting each team's portal is a team-colored glass shield, composed of 15 layers of glass blocks separated into three differently-colored shield "layers" (starting with the layer closest to the portal, L3, L2, and L1; i.e., L3 is the white layer, and L1 is the darkest colored layer). Each team must protect their own Nether portal by any means necessary, whilst also attempting to whittle down the enemy's shield and eventually destroy their Nether portal! The game ends as soon as one team's Nether portal is extinguished.


To join a game as a player, find the Red Team and Green Team signs, and step on the planks for the team you want to join.

To join as a spectator, right click on the Spectator sign on the wall opposite the team selectors.

Note that the Teamspeak server channel for m1 has three subchannels, one for each team and Spectators. The main m1 channel can be used for discussion between everyone, but please only join the team-/spectator-specific channels if you are actually on that team or are actually a spectator. This will allow for private communications for each team.


As the name suggests, the primary weapon in this game is the missile. There are five different kinds of missiles, each with its own characteristics:

Name Image (click to enlarge) TNT Payload Average Speed Comments
Lightning Missile Wars Lightning missile.png 12 TNT 3.3 blocks/sec Fast Speed Missile
Tomahawk Missile Wars Tomahawk missile.png 15 TNT 1.7 blocks/sec Frontfacing Explosion
Juggernaut Missile Wars Juggernaut missile.png 22 TNT 1.7 blocks/sec Collateral Damage
Shield Buster Missile Wars Shield Buster missile.png 17 TNT 1.7 blocks/sec Penetrates One Barrier
Guardian Missile Wars Guardian missile.png 4 TNT 1.7 blocks/sec Low payload, but protected against arrows

Every few seconds (see the value for ResupplyTimer under the configuration section below), every player will be given one item. Most often, the item will be one of these missiles, identified by a spawn egg (e.g., Guardian Missiles are spawned using Guardian spawn eggs, Lightning Missiles are spawned using Ocelot spawn eggs, etc.). To fire a missile, simply right click on a block whilst holding the appropriate spawn egg; the missile will appear a few blocks below and in front of the block you right clicked and begin flying. One egg is consumed per missile. Be careful where you fire your missile: You will usually fire your missiles from the top of your team's shield/launch platform, and if you're too far back, the missile will spawn in your shield and won't go anywhere!

Other Items

Every player spawns with a Flame I Sharpness III bow (the GunBlade), which can be used both as a melee weapon against the other teams' players (PvP is enabled and it is possible to ride some missiles!), or to fire flame arrows which can be used to ignite TNT from afar (a kind of basic missile defense, but note that Guardian Missiles are protected against arrows) and damage enemy players. In addition to missiles, the periodic resupplies can include some arrows, snowballs (used to create barriers), and Fire Charge spawn eggs.

Snowballs, when thrown, will spawn a one-glass-block thick barrier, approximately 3x3, after one second of flight. Note that the snowball cannot hit anything before it has flown for one second, as this will prevent the barrier from being created! Barriers can be useful to stop missiles and detonate them, but are vulnerable to Shield Buster missiles....

The Fire Charge spawn eggs will spawn a stationary fire charge, when a player holding one of these spawn eggs right clicks on a solid block. The fire charge will appear above the block that was right clicked. To fire the fire charge, while standing near it, put your crosshairs over the target then left-click. Make sure you aren't standing in front of the fire charge, and that it won't be obstructed by any blocks (causing it to explode)! Fire Charges are mostly defensive, used to shoot down incoming missiles, but can also be used to target players. They will also destroy one or two layers of glass, so they can be used offensively. A well-aimed fire charge can also destroy exposed Nether portal....


There are a few configuration parameters that affect how the game is played. Operators may view and change the parameters by entering creative mode (/gamemode 1) and flying to the Administrative Console which is suspended in air directly above the center of the lobby. A chest in the corner of the console room contains written books that explains what all the settings and options do; please read this book before changing anything, and remember to put it back in the chest when you're done. When done changing configuration, fly back down to the lobby, and put yourself back in Adventure mode (/gamemode 2).

Operators can also access some special game-changing "triggers" (such as the Sudden Death option) that affect the current game in progress but don't change any settings. Please see the documentation books in the chest for more information on these.

Here is the current configuration of the minigame (operators: when changing configuration, please note the changes here):

Setting Description Value
Gamemode One of "Standard", "Minutemode", or "Decaymode" Standard
KeepInventory If enabled, players don't lose their inventories when they die Enabled
Block Breaking If enabled, players can break blocks by hand Enabled
DefensiveItems Enables use of arrows, snowballs, and fire charges Enabled
Fireballshield If enabled, prevents fire charges from destroying exposd Nether portal Disabled
Launch Area Can missiles be launched anywhere, or must they be launched from the "launch platform" (team shield) Anywhere
Item Cap How many of each item a player can have No Limit
ResupplyTimer Seconds between resupplies (when all players have an item granted to them); ignored in Minutemode 11 seconds
Clipsize How many arrows are granted at a time; if Item Cap is enabled, you only get more arrows when you have none 3 arrows
Boots Controls what boots players are automatically given as armor Normal (no bonuses)

Explanation of Game Modes:

Nothing special
Players are granted one of each item every 60 seconds, ignoring the ResupplyTimer setting. Defensive items cannot be disabled.
Every x seconds (configured as part of the mode), one of the 15 shield layers is removed. A timer is shown to players indicating how long until the next shield layer is removed.

Possible values for Boots:

No bonuses
Power boots
Jump II, Speed I
Ninja boots
Jump VI, Speed IV


Server operators normally have red nametags in chat, but not on this server due to minigame restrictions. Red nametags on m1 are used to indicate players on the Red Team of the minigame. Note that the operator list for m1 is shared from s2; all operators on s2 are automatically operators on m1.

  • FastLizard4 (UUID: 1f596170-2563-4e32-91fd-df3e55ea7d3c)
  • kungfupolice (UUID: 43332373-8187-4bef-b864-289978f167c0)
  • TLUL (UUID: c2fd4f2d-8723-4ea4-bb6b-f2234ef84b08)


This server, m1, runs on a dedicated VPS, and is thus donor-supported

People who have donated to LizardNet Minecraft normally have green nametags in chat, but because colored nametags are used by the minigame, they do not on m1. Green nametags instead represent players on the Green Team. For more information on donations, including how to donate and how long you'll get your green nametag for (on other LizardNet servers), please visit Minecraft servers/Donations.

Thank you donors for your support!

Minecraft username Donation Type Has so far donated (in USD, after all fees) Has so far paid for this many server hours
TLUL Recurring: Monthly Redstone $276.29 7957.99 hours
FlightTime1969 Non-recurring $62.21 1791.66 hours
TheMesquito Non-recurring $19.12 550.66 hours
L235 Non-recurring $4.55 131.04 hours
mellowcraze Non-recurring $23.97 690.34 hours
TLUL is a server operator on s2, but was long before he began donating