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Personal Information

Some personal information is asked for by the wiki, such as your real name, but is not required. Such information you provide will be released into the public. If you don't wish your real name released, do not supply your real name in your preferences or when signing up. Other information set in preferences, such as time zone settings, can be viewed by administrators to assist in troubleshooting, but will not be released. Release of this information to non-administrators without permission of the owner will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate desysoping of that user.

Your IP address

This section also details restrictions for use of the checkuser tool, and all checkusers are bound to the guidelines below.

Creating an account for/Logging into the wiki holds many benefits, one of which hides your IP address to all except those who have the checkuser right. Although checkuser is given out to respectable users from elsewhere to enable testing of the function by those users, the exact IP address history cannot be disclosed to non-checkusers and cannot be performed for testing reasons on a non-checkuser. Abuse of the checkuser tool by a checkuser will result in the immediate permanent demotion and banning of that checkuser.

Release of information to the public and copyrights

This section details restrictions for the use of the oversight tool, and all oversighters are bound to the guidelines below.
For more information about this wiki's copyrights, see LizardWiki:Copyrights

All information posted on this wiki via the "modify page" button is released into the public under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported CreativeCommons license (see LizardWiki:Copyrights for details). This information will be publicly available. However, in the event of addition of material by a third party that relates to you that you did not give permission to post or post yourself on the wiki, please contact the owner of the wiki or contact an oversight on IRC. They have the power of permanently hiding a revision from everyone except other oversighters. Oversighted information, unless obviously a test of powers (as is allowed here), may not be released into the public. Doing so will result in immediate demotion and a permanent ban.

Note to Oversighters: Please try to use Special:RevisionDelete rather than Special:HideRevision for oversight.