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The LizardNet Minecraft "title card".  A tight aerial view of some complex construction, with the LizardNet Minecraft logo in the lower-right corner.

LizardNet Minecraft server s2
IP: s2.minecraft.fastlizard4.org - IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stack!
Available on the Hyperboria cjdns network at cjdns.s2.minecraft.fastlizard4.org
Running Minecraft 1.7.10!
Server listing on the Curse Server List

LizardNet Minecraft server s2 is a small CraftBukkit server that aims to provide the experience of a vanilla Survival server with the convenience and fun of a modded server, and has the best damn community you'll ever find! While our servers are small and they don't have quantum processors or 22 yottabytes of RAM with 23 million player slots, we can offer you fun gameplay, friendly players, skilled and helpful operators, amazing support, and an all-around excellent experience!

s2 is LizardNet Minecraft's first public server, though it is still restricted on a whitelisting basis. Since the main focus of s2 is to foster creativity and community, it is not a PVP server. This gives players the ability to build amazing structures or go mining without the worry of being killed by fellow players.

Section: The Basics.  Background consists of a strip of the title card.

The server has rules, of course, and understanding them is a precondition to joining the server. Before we get into all the cool things we have on the server, please take a moment to read the server rules here on my website, LizardWiki. This page also has a frequently-updated list of all mods/plugins installed, as well as the current server version.

The servers operators are:

  • FastLizard4 (myself)
  • TLUL
  • kungfupolice

Server operators have red nametags in-game, making them easy-to-find. There are also players with green nametags; these are players that have donated to help pay the server bills (donations we won't cover here; this is something we'll tell you about when your application to join the server is approved, and is of course purely voluntary). Everyone else has standard white nametags on this server.

The server currently has a limit of 20 players online at any time, though this can be raised at any time if there is need and if it won't overload the server.

For the link to the whitelisting application, see the next section. If you want to see more about the server, including features, screenshots, and maps, continue reading past the next section!

Section: How to Join!  Background consists of a very zoomed-out aerial view of part of the server's world.

Requests for whitelisting, ban appeals, and abuse reporting are handled on centralized Google Docs forms.

  • To apply for whitelisting, ensure that you have read the server rules, then click here and follow the prompts. The form takes about two to five minutes to complete. Your request will be reviewed by the operator team, and we will email you to inform you of the results of your application. After submitting the form, please feel free to post in this thread with your Minecraft username, so we'll know that you've submitted an application!
  • If you were banned and would like to file an appeal to be unbanned, please click here.
  • If there are no operators around on IRC or Minecraft and would like to report an incident of abuse or griefing, or would like to otherwise report rule breaking, please use the abuse reporting form here.

For everything else, please feel free to leave a reply in this thread, or if you want the server operators to see your matter privately, send an email to minecraft-s2-support [at] helpdesk [dot] fastlizard4 [dot] org.

Section: Redstone Satellite Maps!  Background is of a tight view of a Mega Spruce Taiga biome, with some clearly Google Maps controls visible.

Did that headline catch your attention? Alas, we don't have actual satellites powered by redstone (though that would be cool!). Instead, we use the Minecraft Overviewer suite to render a map of the world and all three dimensions (Overworld, Nether, and The End) every six hours at approximately 00:00 UTC, 06:00 UTC, 12:00 UTC, and 18:00 UTC daily. The map has awesome features like a biome highlighting overlay for the Overworld, a nighttime view of the Overworld, and markers for players and signs throughout the world. Feel free to use it to look around the server before joining! The maps can be found at mcmaps.fastlizard4.org, and you can check the status of the map creation itself on integration.fastlizard4.org.

Section: Community / IRC.  Background: Wide aerial view including a plains NPC village.

The greatest aspect of LizardNet Minecraft is the community, and it's a community you can participate in even when you're not in game! The Minecraft server's chat is linked with the LizardIRC network, so people on IRC can chat with people on the Minecraft server and vice-versa! IRC is a text-based communication protocol that is very light on resources, consumes minor bandwidth, and can be accessed in many different ways on almost every device, even your phone! Feel free to join LizardIRC to say "hi" when you submit your application to join the server! Point your IRC client at irc.lizardirc.org and join the channel #lizardirc. Or, if this is meaningless to you, simply click here to connect to IRC using your web browser! (For more information on what IRC is, please visit this informational Wikipedia article).

In-game in Minecraft, the chat looks like this:

MinecraftPlayer has joined the server.
<MinecraftPlayer> Hi, I'm chatting from within the game!
[IRC] (#lizardirc) <IRC_Chatter> Hi, I'm chatting from IRC

While in IRC, the chat looks like this:

4:54 PM <@MC-S2-ChatRelay> [MinecraftPlayer has connected to Minecraft server s2.]
4:55 PM <@MC-S2-ChatRelay> <MinecraftPlayer> Hi, I'm chatting from within the game!
4:56 PM < IRC_Chatter> Hi, I'm chatting from IRC

And thus, you can participate in the community even when not in-game! Note that LizardNet Minecraft and LizardIRC is a somewhat mature environment; I'd rather not give it a strict rating, but make sure you're comfortable with topics ranging from advanced computer science and redstone circuitry to the weather in Canada, with the occasional strong language or mature subject interspersed here and there.

If there's demand, I can even create forums for the server! Just let me know if you would be interested.

On-server, you can expect your fellow miners and crafters to be friendly and helpful. Some players, including myself (FastLizard4), will even provide temporary housing for new players to help get them set up! Ask about this in-chat when you join the server for the first time.

Section: Other Features.  Background: Aerial view of a Mushroom Island biome.

Here is an overview of some of the other features we offer on the server:

  • Fast Travel Network - Powered by Command Blocks encased in bedrock, the Fast Travel Network (commonly abbreviated FTN) allows players to traverse large distances in the blink of an eye. Use of the FTN is voluntary; if you'd prefer not to use it (as some of our players do), you don't have to! Alternative modes of easy transportation are provided: Excluding horses, a rail network is being constructed for points near spawn, and safe(er) Nether tunnels have been built for points far. It should be noted that the FTN is not a personal warping or teleport system - only server operators can create Fast Travel Stations and destinations, and they'll only be created for players if the player requesting a Fast Travel Station has already been to the target area. Furthermore, you must find a Fast Travel Station or be at the Fast Travel Hub near spawn to use the system - unless you're close enough to hit the button, the FTN won't save you from impending doom! The FTN is intended for convenience and to reduce tedium; for example, if you built your house far away from spawn, you might have a Fast Travel Station in your house that takes you back to spawn, and another station in the Fast Travel Hub to take you back to your house.
  • Death chests - Primarily to combat the five-minute despawn of a player's items after he or she dies, and secondarily to combat the ragequit-inducing fury of dieing in lava and watching your items vaporize, s2 uses the DeadMansChest plugin to collect a player's items into a chest when they die. You do not need to have chests in your inventory for this to happen. A (non-mine-able) glowstone tower will also appear above the death chest to act as a beacon. However, the death chests won't do everything for you; you still have to find your chest, and if you died in deep water (or worse, deep lava), prepare to go for a swim!
  • XPKeeper - On a similar note, this server uses the XPKeeper plugin. XPKeeper provides a vault of sorts in the form of a sign, from which you can deposit and withdraw XP. This means no more worrying about trying to get your next great enchant, then subsequently losing all 50 of your hard-earned XP levels to a passing skeleton. XPKeeper simply allows one to take their XP and store it somewhere safe, but any XP you are carrying with you when you die is still mostly lost. XPKeeper, like the death chests, is intended as a convenience, not a game changer - you are only allowed one XPKeeper sign in the entire world, and you must be able to touch the sign to perform any transactions - without holding any items in your hand, left-clicking the sign deposits all XP you're carrying, right-clicking withdraws enough XP to give you five additional XP levels, and holding shift while right-clicking withdraws all your XP. Additionally, the contents of your XPKeeper sign are safe from griefers - only you can perform transactions on your own XPKeeper sign. For advanced uses, see the plugin's documentation on BukkitDev.
  • Spleef - Though not a primary "objective" if you will, three spleef arenas - automated by way of the DolphinSpleef CraftBukkit plugin - are available for s2 players to play in. If you aren't familiar with Spleef, read about it on the Minecraft Wiki. Each of s2's three (currently) spleef arenas has unique characteristics and playstyles. For more information, and how to use the Spleef arenas once you're whitelisted on the server, please visit this page on LizardWiki.
  • Teamspeak 3 server - LizardNet runs a Teamspeak 3 server, and when you are whitelisted on this server, you gain access to the private Teamspeak channel dedicated to the server. Instructions for gaining access to the channel will be included in your welcome email when you are approved to the whitelist!

Section: Screenshots.  Background is an in-game screenshot from the server, rendered using the SEUS shader pack.

To avoid cluttering this post too much, screenshots can be found on my website, LizardWiki, here.

Section: Server Stats.  Background is an aerial view of a Savanna biome next to a Plains biome.

Some vital statistics of the server are taken by my Munin installation, specifically: Loaded chunks, loaded entities, server lag, users online, and free server memory. Expand the Spoiler section below to see the graphs!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy playing on LizardNet!